Goodbye from the Blonde Bullet :(

I started this blog for two reasons: 1) I wanted to become a runner. 2) I wanted to become more comfortable with my voice as a writer, especially on the web.

I cant believe I'm going to say this but, mission accomplished! It's been a year and a half since I started this blog. When I started I couldn't even run a mile, my asthma was horrible and acting up daily, I was partying most nights out of the week, and I wasn't writing even though I love to write. I was unhealthy and stuck in a rut.

How things have changed. Now, I can run at least ten miles, I can run an 8 minute mile if I try really hard, I run 3-5 times a week, I ride my bike, I walk everywhere, my asthma rarely bugs me, I eat MUCH healthier and I take care of myself. I'm no longer the unhealthy, unproductive party animal. And even better, I've been writing stories, guest blogging, publishing here and there and working.  The point is that I have improved. I've changed. I've accomplished. 

But now I'm at another pivotal point in my life. Thinks are stable, and moving in the right direction but it's time for me to really focus on the accomplishments that I dream about. I no longer need to focus on becoming something, I now need to focus on doing more. Doing what? Publishing. Blogging. Taking pictures. Learning. Finding gigs. Racing more. Running more. Reading. Expressing my passions. Getting closer with my friends. And unfortunately, theBlondeBullet.blogspot isn't moving in the same direction. It's become dispassionate and stagnant to me.Not to mention, I don't feel like I can commit to the time or focus this blog needs to be good.

This community has taught me so much. You've all inspired me, taught me, made me laugh and motivated me to keep running. Without this blogging community, I honestly don't know if I would have continued running. You all taught me what to expect and how to stay motivated. And now, I can't even imagine my life without running! So thanks. And gosh darn-it, I'm keeping this profile and I WILL continue reading and commenting! 

Who knows, maybe I'll start the blog up again or maybe I'll start a completely different one soon (this is likely). But either way, I'll miss this community and I'll miss this blog!


Rest: FIRE!

The rundown:
Thursday: Beers and chats with friends
Friday: Dinner with Mr. Wonderful, stroll around Phoenix. 
Saturday: 1) Farmer's market in the AM. 2) Beer and bikes festival in the afternoon. 3) Nap time. 4)Birthday Party 5) OVEN EXPLOSION

After coming home from a long day of fun, Mr. Wonderful and I wanted to make some cookies. So we turned on the oven for the first time to get things baking. But in just a matter of minutes black smoke was billowing out the top of the oven. So we turned it off, because we're smart like that. But the SMOKE GOT WORSE.  And it BILLOWED. And I coughed a lot. And my asthma growled inside my chest. And Calypso looked scared. And then we panicked. Mr. Wonderful said get something to break into the fire extinguisher with. And I said we need a hammer! WHERE IS MY HAMMER. Mr. Wonderful says, JUST GRAB ANYTHING. And so he uses a bike pump. And he grabs the fire extinguisher and we point it in the oven where there's big flames and an excessive amount of smoke. 

And then the fire goes out. 

And now there is a white, blanket of powder in every nook and cranny of my studio. Seriously, it's EVERYWHERE. On my keys. On pencils. On my TV.  On the floor. On the dishes. On the couch. On the dog. I drank some water... it was filled with powder. Gross. 

Sunday: Sweep, mop, mop again, dust, dust again. Sit. Cough. 

Welcome Home!


Run: Downtown Haiku

I moved downtown and I love it. Tuesday, I went for my first city run, and... sometimes, a haiku says it better.

Downtown run was fun--
Until a car pulled out fast.
Jump, screech... but no smash.

Lights, people and sounds:
Energy of a city.
But pollution: yuck.

Another stop light!
Must pause my Suunto again.
Training is ruined.

Shops, food and culture
Although  there's nowhere to run,
I love this city.


Rest: Tax man

I always thought paying taxes was fun: Spend an hour reflecting on your year and then get a few-hundred-dollar bonus! Free money! How neat!

This year I owe about a grand. Which is a TON of money to me. And I want to die. Boo tax season. Boo. And that pretty much sums up my weekend. I hope you all had a better one that I did!