Run: Rehab

My PT says I MUST start at 20 minutes every other day, and move up very slowly from there. So this is my somewhat pathetic climb back to being a distance runner. I've only schedule about a month out, because I have to see how the pain goes. I'm also training for a short bike tour with Mr. Wonderful.

The schedule includes riding, running, stretching (which means 30 minutes of intense stretching) and my PT exercises, which include the foam roller (oh the torture) and many other strengthening tricks she taught me. My rides are usually about 30 miles with a few hills, but I have left the exact mileage blank so that I can fill it in as I improve and whatnot.

It's going to be torture to train this slow... but it'll be worth it if I can run again!


  1. As you can probably guess, I love the riding bits. And I hope being "forced" into stretching makes it become a life long habit because it's so good for you. That said, I'm afraid that I'll need to get injured before I take my own advice here.

  2. I hate the foam roller. Seriously ouch. Good luck with your training!

  3. It will be worth it. Just stay focused, girl. You can do it. ::hugs::

  4. Be patient, it will be worth it for sure. Hang in there!

  5. patience grasshopper!

    it will make you a much much better runner.


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