About Me

I am in my early (almost mid) twenties living in Arizona. It's hot here. In case you didn't know. I'm a fairly average, slightly neurotic, passionate and quirky kind of lady. I've never been able to hide my emotions, opinions and weird habits very well so you'll be forced to see them all over this blog. Overall though, I just care about being happy. To me, that includes, good people, good food, passion, a little excitement and a sense of contentment with my mind, body and personality. I know, what a hippy.

I've always considered myself athletic, and I played a variety of different sports as a kid, including varsity softball in high school. But since then, my fitness level was going down the drain. After somehow surviving the big 21, by 23, came to realize that I've got a lot to work on.

The last year of my life has been dedicated to getting my life together, acting like a "big" kid and doing things with my life that I think are important. So I've been focusing on my my job and my future, my friends, my family, my intelligence, the activities that make me happy like reading and writing (and many more), and most importantly, fitness and health.

I started this journey around July of 2009. I tried cycling, going to the gym and eventually running. Turns out, I really like running. It's taken almost a year, but I now can call myself a runner and it's become a huge part of my life. My initial goal was to run a marathon. My intentions were to run the RNR Arizona, but we'll see if my injured knees will allow it. I will run a marathon, but my goal has evolved to something much more than that. My goal is to make running a permanent, intertwined part of my life. I want to be comfortable racing, waking up at five AM to fit in my work out, eating healthy, running long distances, running with others and accomplishing PR's. You see this isn't about one marathon anymore, this is about my life. This is about being intentional with the ingredients of my life, instead of letting things fall as they may. And I have every intention of making running  a permanent part of it.

So that's how I got here, and that's where I am.

Besides running, I enjoy: Playing and snuggling with my dog, spending time with Mr. Wonderful, talking and drinking with my friends, traveling, writing short stories, poems, blogs, articles and really anything, cooking, being home alone in the evenings with the music playing, cycling, spending time with my family, dinner parties, laughing alone, decorating, looking at artsy things, sun bathing, music, backpacking anywhere, learning new crafts and trades, shopping, watching movies, creating things, exploring, smiling, kissing, snuggling, watching people, good conversations, nature....

And some things I like: Black and white, sixties decor, Mediterranean decor, pizza, wine, old music, puppies, books, people that love, unique things, unique people, genuine people, very green grass, the smell of wet dog, magnets, cigar boxes, vintage dresses, my superman baby blanket, Arizona, art, photography, farms, big cities, cool hair, sweat, fashion, blogs, small little rivers in the forest, pools, the smell of my mother's baking, swing sets, high heels, dog parks, museums, potatoes....

Things I hate: Cucumbers, leaving the sponge in the sink, the smell of fish, being bloated, fighting, disapproval, scary movies, worms, allergies, work, wet feet on dirty tile, throwing a bad party, looking stupid, things I can't do, tropical fruit, stressing about money, people telling me what to do when I know how to do it (sorry whomever this applies to, I know you usually mean well), a messy house, not having  plan, mediocrity, boredom.

Thanks for reading!