Fitness Log

Since I am constantly improving and getting in better shape, I will periodically change the front page stats to match my current fitness level. But Kelsey, How do we know how far you have come? Because readers, I will list my old stats here!

When I started this project:
I can run for 30 minutes, but it's rough.
I run about a 12 minute mile.
I have to use my inhaler before, during and after my run.

By April 2010:

I could run about 8 miles.
I could run a 10:30 minute mile.
Still using my inhaler.


Monday: Cross-train (usually cycling) or rest day
Tuesday: thirty minute run and strength training
Wednesday: Fartlek/hills and drills
Thursday: thirty minute run, strength training and drills

Friday: Short, low intensity run and a lot of post-run stretching
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Rest Day

Until September 2010:
I was doing 20-25 mile weeks

I could run a 9:30-10:00 minute mile.

My lungs felt good, but my asthma still acted up from time to time
I was having some knee pain

Getting ready to start training in September

And then my knee pain became unbearable 

Until February 2011
I'm on the injury list and my training is on hold. So here's the run down:

Monday: Physical Therapy, Cardio (bike, elliptical)
Tuesday: Cardio, Strength Training with Personal Trainer
Wednesday: Physical Therapy, Cardio
Thursday: Cardio, Strength Training with Personal Trainer
Friday or Saturday: Attempt to run, physical therapy at home.
Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: Rest