Rest: Back in the [running] [life] game

Oh running, how my body hates you... and yet loves you.

This weekend I:
Partied with the parents and Gma
Babysat my adorable nephew
Packed for Tucson
Realized I left my wallet at work with my money, license and registration in, said, wallet
Un-packed for Tucson
Cried (b/c I'm dramatic), drank a beer, did my laundry and waited for Mr. Wonderful
Mr. Wonderful and I went to Los Dos Molinos.... again (my name is Kelsey and I am a Mexican-food-aholic)
Bickered about what movie to watch for about an hour
Went to sleep
Ran 5 miles
Ate Bruschetta
Mr. Wonderful left and I again cried, as per usual.

The most important part of this series of events? RAN 5 MILES. Do you know what that means? That means that I am back in the game. That means that I can start training for a marathon again. That means that I can run a 5K faster than a turtle pace. That means that I can once again center my entire life around my running schedule.

And this time I won't push myself to hard. This time I will only increase my mileage by 10% weekly and this time I will not do any hills or speed work until I am good and ready. I will also stretch... if I must.

So hopefully this blog is about to take the turn for the better while I re-center myself my love of running. Question! Being in Arizona where the weather is all Topsy-turvy, when exactly is prime racing season for the rest of the nation?

OH and I leave you with this fun fact: Here in Arizona, we don't do day light savings. But apparently Apple doesn't know that. So everybody's iphone automatically switched today and people were late for life... because we don't do daylight savings. HILARIOUS. Glad I don't have an iphone.



  1. YAY!!! Kelsey, I am so freaking happy for you. Want to run this week? I need something easy and not too long, and I think this would work into your non-injury start out plan haha. What is your new schedule like with work? I don't have to go into school until 10, so I could do anything before that, or in the evening too.

    P.S. - I'm going to run the IMS half in February. I'd like to do PF Changs, but it's expensive and crazy huge. IMS gives me another month to get healthy/in shape. Plus, I just think I'm scared of those huge races. The half yesterday was kind of intimidating, and apparently it wasn't even "big" hahah. Anyway ... run it with me??

  2. Someone should create an app for Arizona time. Glad you're back "in the run" of things.

  3. Nice 5-miler! Be careful building up your weekly mileage as you start marathon training, the 10% rule is probably good advice. Following a training plan can help too, especially when you feel good and want to run longer. It takes time for the body to adjust to higher mileage. Good luck with your training!

  4. that's hilarious about your non time change!! I'm also a mexican-holic! I swear, my youngest son should have been born with a sombero on!

  5. Great weekend activity, looks like you've enjoyed a lot...

  6. Daylight savings is the most depressing part of the year. It's when it starts getting dark at 5:30pm. WTF! It's dark when I get off work :(

    Oh, and partying with grandma is the best! My gma is honesty the biggest drinker in my family. 88 years old and going strong!!

  7. Just found your blog and I love it. The Blonde Bullet, how flippin' cute!

    Arizona doesn't do the time change!? Where have I been? That's so funny!

    Glad you're back in the game. Can't wait to read about your running/training! :)

  8. Which kind of Bruschetta did you eat?

    Enjoy the rest of this Weekend!


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