Rest: Thoughts on job hunting

Ya'll thought I died didn't ya?! Nope, I was distracted by a series of events that looked something like this: intense moping; emails begging my former boss to pay me (still haven't gotten paid from former company); hours perfecting my resume and "brag" book; lurking of any and all job sites in my field; sending out resumes; completing five interview in one week (holy crap!); landing a great job, and training for said, great job.


Now that I can say that I have a stable job with a stable company in a position that I enjoy, I feel I can outwardly discuss how horrible job-searching really is.

Reasons looking for a job sucks:

1. You have to look impressive on paper. WTF?! I'm not a website... I'm not a business card... I'm a young person with a fabulous personality... DUH! Can't I just write you a three-page, free-form paper discussing why you should hire me? Who decided upon the resume format anyway?

2. Oh damn, my email had a typo... I guess that means I'm unhireable.

3. Oh I get it, just because those baby boomers can't retire I have to compete in an already horrible market with people who are five times as qualified as me, merely because they are applying for a job that four years ago they would have considered below them?! Ya that's fair (to both involved parties).

4. And then the fun part: I put on a suit, I spend $75 bucks at kinkos, I drive to the interview with the worst nervous stomach writhing of my life, I barely break a sweat (although inwardly trembling) while under interrogation, I present myself like I'm a hot new product (oh please, please, please like me), and I suck up to you, ONLY to find that I didn't get the job.

What I'm trying to say is looking for a job feels, to me anyway, completely degrading.

What are your thoughts? Do any of you actually find job hunting enjoyable?

The great news is that I don't have to worry anymore. I have a great job working with seemingly great people. So I guess, for now, all is well.

And the Blonde Bullet is back from her hiatus.


  1. I hate job searching. i can't imagine anyone enjoying it!!

  2. Job hunting is never easy, which is why you need all the help you can get. You can even find tools online that help you get organized. It's just a matter of being resourceful.

  3. I like the opportunities that exist when you are job searching. Like you have power over your future. Call me crazy.


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