Rate: Christmas is [Mr.] Wonderful

I just wanted to take a minute to announce......


Mr. Wonderful did good.

I am now the proud owner of a Suunto M5 heart rate monitor and foot pod (which measures distance and speed). Isn't she cute (see above)?

On top of that, my mother (aka Santa Claus) got me a nice pair of running capris and and a running shirt and long-sleeve top layer. And I must say, she bought it for me just in time... it's like 40 Degrees here today! I know all you East coasters are facing a blizzardy death, but I've been enjoying the breezy and beautiful 75 degree weather.. until now. Ah, but I do love the built-in hand warmers in my top later. Delightful.

Well at 5AM this morning I sported my new clothing and my new Suunto and all the passing cars and pedestrians may have mistaken me for a pro... until I started running at turtle pace. 

But good gear = good runner... right? 

I'll be super fast in no time... right?  

I WISH.  However I have been diligently doing my PT exercises and I am feeling better and better. I'll bring you up to speed in the next post. Promise.

Now here' s a question for y'all.... How does one start rowing?! I would really like to try rowing and my knees would greatly appreciate it if I took it easy on them sometimes. So please rowing experts, advise!


  1. I know NOTHING about rowing, in fact my arms are so weak I could really use some.

    Love new running gear. I could spend my entire paycheck in any running store.

  2. city of tempe has a rowing club that rows at tempe town lake, a group for beginners also. i think you can access info for it on the city website. i usually get a catalog in the mail once a year with all of the activities the city offers... unfortunately i don't have it any longer.

  3. I do the rowing machines at gyms sometimes for cardio. I can't stand treadmills or stationary bikes, but if I'm forced to 'gym it up', I find the rowing machine much more bearable. Some even come with a little screen and racing games.

    That'd be where I'd start =)

  4. Good job Jared!

    Kiwi has a friend at work that rows on Tempe Town Lake... I'll ask him for more info!


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