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It's come to my attention that I maybe, possibly talk about alcohol a lot on this blog... And that is completely A-OK with me.

BUT I have come a long way. My friend, Jay, has his own personal training company and he recently asked me to guest blog for him. Well, I do love blogging! So how could I say no? Although a lot of my FB friends have already seen it, it's a very appropriate "Rate" post because it really made my week a little bit happier (especially since I'm currently banned from running due to the knee problem) and it was great to reflect on how much I've evolved. After reading, maybe you'll forgive my love of beer and wine :)

So read here and tell me what you think. 

P.S. Don't tell anyone that I've only ran ten miles once.. and it about killed me. I will be running ten-milers like crazy soon!


  1. Very cool. Reminds me alot of my lifestyle change after high school. I looked at it like a new beginning, and took full advantage of it. The majority of people are afraid to break the social mold they've made and become so accustom too. Certainly, you've made sacrifices and your now reaping the benefits with those hot calves!

  2. 12 miles, you will be running 12 miles soon.
    P.S. That Woman's Running mag bathing suit spread was quit horrific!

  3. Loved reading your guest blog...thanks for sharing. You've definitely come a long way :)

  4. It is a killer post and perfect topic for a personal training company. very cool.

  5. Good one, well done! It will just get better and better. Thanks for sharing.


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