Rest: The benefits of solitude

Mr. Wonderful went out of town, and since I am staying at his house, I was forced to spend 24 hours all by my lonesome. *Tear*Sniffle*[insert big pouty lip]*. Actually it was nice to have a little RNR (noooo not the marathon, ha. ha. ha.) and be forced to listen to my thoughts. It always amazes me what a little solitude can do for my mood, and shoot, even my soul. I need at least two days though. The first day, I spend anxiously browsing the internet, starting cleaning projects but never finishing them, pacing the house and feeling downright sorry for myself. But the second day, ahhhhhhh, solitude becomes bliss: I write. I read. I rest. I run. I think. I cook. I stretch. I organize. I cuddle with my adorable dog. I completely decompress until I am acting completely like myself.  And that is exactly what happened this weekend. I think everyone can benefit from a little solitude. And not just being alone, but being still without distraction. It's completely cleansing and relaxing if done right.  Four awesome things also happened.

1. I ran 8 miles for my long run. Woot Woot! And hit a 22 mile week, which is a record for me. I hope to be increasing my mileage by ten percent every week, but we'll see how me knees feel about that. Today, they felt a bit uneasy, but hung in there. I feel really good overall though. I feel like I'm only going to get faster and run farther, and that is a very, very good feeling.

2. Today is my wonderful father's B DAY!!!!!! Happy Birthday Pops. I love you so much. (He's a fabulous father, and he looks like he just turned 45...)

3. I have a new job. And I know it's premature, so we shall see, but I think it might be quite the amazing experience for me. I feel I am getting close and closer to the person I want to be, and this job may give me the motivation and avenues to get even closer. AND new car, clothing, running shoes, race registrations and a treadmill, here I come!!!!!

4. It stayed under 106 this weekend!!! It didn't even hit 100 until noon today. How amazingly splendid!!!! 

 Toodles everyone!


  1. The quiet sounds amazing! I can't even imagine a weekend like that! Way to go on increasing your milage!

  2. Love my alone time.

    Just wanted to mention that I take 2 puffs of Symbicort twice a day (I was on 3 puffs not so long ago) plus, I take 3 puffs of Alvesco twice a day! I also get two Xolair injections every 4 weeks. Very happy to be off prednisone :)
    Just thought I'd share...

  3. I know the focus of your post is about rest and relaxation but I'm going to pull a total dude move and ignore that by saying cool on your mileage record this week.

  4. Most of my alone time I have is while running. I think we all need it from time to time. Great going with the mileage! Take care with your weekly buildup.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend all around! Yay!!

  6. sounds like a nice weekend. i need a weekend like that. i just wanna laze around and read and run and just do nothing!!!

    good job on ur 8miler~!

  7. 8 miles i am so impressed!

    happy birthday to your dad and congrats on the new job. that is so exciting!

  8. Hehe, you're adorable. I live alone here in Minneapolis and LOVE IT!! But I'll have a roommate when I move to San Francisco next week so, eeeeeps. I don't know what I'm going to do with all that time of constantly having someone else around!

    Glad you are enjoying yourself. Congrats on the new job!

  9. That's great mileage for a week. It's more than I do, so I'm feeling a little guilty about my slack-ness right now!

    Alone time is good. I love reading and playing music when I have a few hours. Or sleeping, that's pretty good too. :)


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