Run: Obsessed

I get really excited about a lot of things, and therefore I end up with a lot of hobbies. For instance, I can honestly say that I love reading, writing, fashion, wine, cycling, cooking and watching movies. I literally spend time doing, or at least thinking about doing, every one of those things, every single day (I know you can’t do fashion, but let’s not get picky with my word choice, OK?). That’s a lot of things to honestly love, and I could keep adding to that list.

But running, ah running, has taken on a life of it’s own. I once felt this way about writing, and I still do in a way, but writing has become such an intimate, deeply rooted part of me, it’s more like a habit or a way of breathing than a passion.

Running has taken over my mind. I didn’t realize it at first. But I haven’t been able to run much lately because of the knee situation, and I am going crazy. I miss it. I dream about it. I’m constantly reading about running, google-ing articles and diagnosing my knee over and over again. I’m talking to my friends about it and browsing through running clothing catalogs. I’ve even been watching triathlons on TV.  This isn’t passion, this is obsession.

And it’s not just about the act of running, it’s about having a challenging goal that takes effort and devotion. It’s about having a goal that doesn’t involve anyone else but myself. The idea of not being able to run that marathon because of my knees, literally sends chills down my spine. That would be devastating.

My name is Kelsey, and I’m a runaholic.

This is all pretty pathetic since I haven't even ran a race yet. What can I say, I get excited easily. And I know this is kind of similar to my last post, but I can't run right now, so clearly I have been doing a lot of thinking and romanticizing and getting all gooey and sentimental inside. Holy disclaimers batman. 

I know a lot of you have been running for years. But can you remember that moment when something clicked and suddenly you were passionate about running? When it stopped being a habit, a chore, a way to stay in shape, a way to lose weight or something your parents were making you do? I could probably define a certain event in almost all of my passions/hobbies (listed above) when I became passionate.

I’d love to hear your stories.

P.S. No “Rest” post this week. It was a boring weekend.


  1. It was running the first race for me...obsessed ever since!

  2. I've only been running for a year...I remember a november morning run, when I felt great and ran faster than usual. When I finished, I opened the front door, walked into the house where everyone was just starting to stir...put my arms in the air and said out loud "27 minutes!" :) (It was a 4K) ...and I've been hooked ever since!

  3. I got into triathlon thru running. I knew I was hooked when I caught myself laughing out loud because I was having such a great time.

  4. Just so you know... you don't need to run races to be a runner. :) You can be obsessed without ever running a single race!

    I don't remember when running became my true love. I think the first time I got a GOOD pair of running shoes was when I realized how awesome it was.

  5. Cute blog!! I'm a runaholic, too!!

  6. My running moment was many, many years ago (1982) when I helped my dad when he was running his 1st marathon. Although I had already run about 10 races by then, the whole marathon experience and watching my dad reach his goal hooked me for life.

  7. I started running because my doctor told me that I needed to start getting active. I ran for about 5 months before I entered my first race. I ran in that first race and I was hooked:)


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