Rest: Dallas Trade Show

This weekend wasn't much of a weekend due to the fact that I was working for most of it. Lucky me right? Don't feel too bad for me... I get a comp day on Friday. Yay for three-day weekends!

One of my newest challenges as a runner is learning how to fit in my workouts while I'm on the road. This is something I fail at miserably. Loneliness of hotel room + time difference + me NOT being much of a morning person no matter how hard I try + leg exhaustion due to walking all day + not much extra time = NONEXISTENT WORKOUT

See, post-tradeshow running is especially challenging because the reason I'm traveling is so that I can walk around tradeshows... meaning I am on my feet, walking around ALL DAY LONG. It's tiring... even for a runner... really. However, I have been slowly improving my travel workout record.

Very Slowly.


Still, I won't admit to you my weekly mileage for last week... it's kinda embarrassing. Anyhoo, low and behold the awesomeness of a tradeshow:

At times... it feels like a fantastical, amazingness wonderland:

Or a complicated ballet that only well-dressed women, men in tuxes and fat female statues can do...

But really it's kinda like an overzealous shopping mall:

And it's also very, very lonely :(

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