Run: My return to blogging.
Part 1: The Ys

I may be well-rested, but turns out, hibernation is kind of boring. I missed it here, and I know you’ve missed me cyberworld... haven’t you? Today marks the day of my official return to the world of blogging. And what better way to dive in then to provide you with a three-part series featuring yours truly? I know, you’re so excited you can’t help but quiver.
Part 1: The Y’s 
5 Reasons why I needed a break:
I started my first 9-5, which =  an exhausting, exciting, daunting, embarrassing and consuming change to my life. Daunting because the idea of only having 16 extra days off a year makes me want to puke. Embarrassing because I feel like a sell-out for choosing a career that does not saturate my being in writing, reporting and art. Consuming because it takes a lot of focus to be good at any job. Exciting because it’s fun, I like it and I’m good at it. (I think exhausting is pretty self explanatory.)
2. My words became dull. I started blogging to force myself to run while forcing myself to write. I started to blog because I knew it would be good for my well-being, and I liked having a venue to express my experiences with my new-found sport. But somewhere along the line I started writing for my readers (I love you… but that’s not the point). I was writing posts that I thought might sound good to other runners instead of posts that I enjoyed writing.  And the thing is, they were getting increasingly more boring. So screw that!
3. I felt like I was too slow of a runner to be writing about running. I know, tisk tisk. But don’t worry, I’m over it. We all have to start somewhere!
4. I didn’t want to write about running anymore. I mean, I love running… but running isn’t the center of my life. It’s a major part of my life, but it’s not everything. I would like to write more about how running has enriched my life, rather than how my life revolves around running. 
5. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to write about.

5 Reasons why I am back to blogging:
1. I kept running! Even though I wasn’t blogging, I kept running. I’ve improved my time and mileage and I am enjoying it more and more. This means, that I was not merely running so that I would have something to write about. This means that I love running. I really do. [Insert inspirational music here and photo montage here.]
2. I’m hoping you will still like me if I write about other things that don’t involve sweat, sun and my hear rate. As sexy as that sounds, I have other redeeming qualities. I promise.
3. I really, really do miss writing. I miss all sorts of writing and I intend to consume myself in all genres of expression, but I really do miss this blogging community—reading your blogs, making friends through comments and learning from your accomplishments and mistakes.
4. I realized that I can write about whatever I want. There’s nobody making me write boring posts about my weekly mileage (no offense to similar posts… mine are just boring due to lack of impressive stats). Neato.
5. I have time now. I have adjusted to my life schedule.  Way to go me.

Next time: Run: My return to running. Part 2: Why I run.


  1. I was wondering where you went... welcome back!

  2. Welcome back. I was about to cross you off my Blog Roll cos I thought you'd deserted us!
    Oh, and by all means write about other things besides running. I'm sure we'd love to hear about those 'other redeeming qualities'.

  3. Welcome back, girl! You've been missed!


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