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I've missed you guys. I really have. Life has been quite the whirlwind, roller coaster, box of chocolates and any other idiom you could fit in here.  I'll shamelessly start this post by admitting that I receive weekly horoscopes in my inbox. No, I don't take them as truths or anything, but I do look forward to the charming fortune that the Frisky comes up with every week for my ever-fiery Aries soul. This week, my horoscope suitably told me that this week I would enter into the best phase of my life that I have been in for years. Who knows if that will actually come true, but I'd like to think that kismet is finally on my side. For the last few weeks, my writing career has finally began to take shape. Get this guys, I have five different writing gigs underway. FIVE. Holy BOJOLIES! I don't mean to brag, but this is a really exciting fact for me. I was serving tables three months ago and now I'm a working writer. I won't go on to tell you the other exciting/new/good things in my life, but all I'm trying to say is that the horoscope may be right. In celebration of this new phase, I've got some interesting posts coming your way. Stay tuned for my newest running adventures, thoughts on how to be a super woman, philosophizing about liberal arts majors, reflections on my continual life epiphanies and goals, and of course the rest of my usual ranting.


  1. Sweet! That's an amazing turn of events job-wise. How exciting for you! I hope you'll share all your projects when they're done!

  2. Congrats, very impressive! It's probably the substantial endorphin release with all this riding and runnin your doing. Just out of curiosity, what types of projects do you specialize in? -For referral purposes.

  3. 5? holy CRAP. Machine over here. Do it hard, K!


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