Run: Homemade vegan recovery shake

I faint easily. I also get nauseous easily and I have asthma. No. Big. Thang. But I do feel like I need to eat more than the average person my size in order to compensate for my woozy tendencies. In fact, I even feel the need to have a recovery shake after a five, or even three, mile run. On the days when I pretend I’m a cyclist and hit the road on two wheels, I chug through my water bottle within the first 15 miles and by the end (about 30 miles), I’m taking deep breaths in hopes of postponing any medical emergencies before I can get my hands on a power bar or doughnut. It’s kind of pathetic. But really, I require a lot of nutrients so I am always on the look-out for good recipes and dishes.

I’m a pretty busy lady, so shakes are becoming a staple part of my life. I have been determined to find a tasty recovery shake that really helps me feel better. I’ve tried diet shakes, Muscle Milk and more, but all leave me feeling exhausted later. So, I came up with a new recovery shake recipe, that seemed to really work after my five-mile treadmill run yesterday (I've been coming pretty close to my five mile base run days, however I'm still working on the ten mile long run goal) Although I am sore today, I never felt like crashing yesterday. I maintained energy after my run and felt my body getting stronger. Here’s the vegan recipe in case you want to try it. The Life’s Basic protein is a pretty intense flavor that I tried to cover up with the apple juice, so you may want to try a better tasting powder. I tried to stick to the right ratio of carbs, protein and sugar, but I'm totally open to suggestions! 

(measurements are approximate)

2 cups frozen peaches
1 cup oatmeal
1 scoop of Life’s Basic Plant Protein Greens Powder
    * I think this was the key ingredient. I’ve never used protein powder before, and I think it made a huge difference.
½ cup of apple juice
2 cups of vanilla Tempeh milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla
2 teaspoon of cinnamon

Put all ingredients into a blender and add more milk if it seems too thick. Serve cold and enjoy!

P.S. Will some one just drag me to a running club? I can't seem to get myself to do it. Thanks.


  1. This sounds tasty. I'm like the opposite of you, I barely drink any water when I work out. I don't know why, I just rarely feel that thirsty. I know it's really bad too, hydration is important and all that jazz, but I just can't help it.

  2. I used to laugh at the folks who ran with the water bottles in their hands, or strapped around their waists as though ready to engage in some sort of hydration combat. Considered myself too old-school to worry about it. Then I trained for a marathon, and even though it was during the winter I quickly discovered what a key part of the equation hydration was, not just for making it through the run, but also for recovery and flushing out the pain. Now I won't go out for any run over 6 miles without my trusty FuelBelt. I still make fun of them, but now I'm making fun of myself, which is part of what makes life enjoyable.
    Can't recall how I got to your site (bouncing around between blogs, clicking on comments, etc.), but your posts are great. Consider me a follower. Looking forward to seeing how your marathon journey turns out.

  3. I've been taking super greens every day for awhile. It never occurred to me to mix it into a shake. I'm trying this tomorrow.

    New follower, BTW...

  4. Evolving-- Thanks for reading! It's funny you bring up those belts, I've literally been mulling over whether or not I can get over how silly they look and buy one, because I need one! But hey, if you got over it, so can I, right? I just recently began running for an hour or more, but as I increase my mileage, a water belt (can I call it that?) will be a necessity. Any tips on a good one?

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Patrick-- I also thank you for reading! Let me know how your shake turns out. I'm totally open to suggestions. The green protein I use is kind of gross, so a lot of my recipe involves covering the taste of it up. Maybe the kind you use tastes better?


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