Run: Unintentional elevation training

I never thought of myself as directionally challenged, but then again, I’ve never lived anywhere but the greater Phoenix area for most of my life. As a native, It’s pretty easy to know your way around. But add tall trees and elevation, subtract 20 degrees and I get mixed up pretty dang quick. This is a fact I was unfortunately unaware of until after my Pine Top running excursion (how I forgot about the Tempe Town Lake confusion, I do not know)

Things started out fine. Okay, I just turn right, and I’m going to make another right and then I’m going to turn around and make two lefts. But then rights turned into lefts and one turn turned into three and before I knew it I was stuck in the labyrinth that is Pine Top and had no idea which direction I was headed or what street I resided on.

Luckily, boyfriend's sister, Miss Brie, had her cell phone handy and remembered what streets the cabin was on. A few wrong turns later, I finally found home. Silver-lining? I ran for an hour in high altitude, and let me tell ya, high altitude hurts the lungs!

Well technically it’s good for the lungs, but I swear it literally hurt to breath at times. I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes. By the end of my adventure I felt an awkward combination of embarrassed and proud (awkward because I got so lost and the entire Mr. Wonderful family knows, and proud because I just conquered altitude training… okay… maybe not conquered...).

I also felt exhausted. I really wish you could see me superior dramatics after a run. After my hour-long, high elevation run, I proceeded to throw myself on to the floor while throwing water on my face and whining. It’s quite obnoxious.
I would love to head north before Rock N Roll and get in super elevation shape, but sadly Phoenix sporting season is in the dead middle of winter, and I don’t think I’d like running in the snow. Uh well, once a desert rat, always a desert rat.


  1. I would love the chance to do some high altitude training. cool you got some in.

  2. Ya it was really cool, and my first run after arriving in the Valley actually felt easier. Is it possible that my lungs got stronger after two days of running in high altitude? Hah, probably not.

  3. I am really directioally challenged:) I need detailed directions on how to get places that I have never been or I will for sure end up lost.

    Nice job on the full hour of high altitude running! I ran up in Idaho at a ski resort a few summers ago. Running up in that high elevation made me feel like I had elephants sitting on my chest! I can totally relate to the "lungs hurt" comment:) Good for you!

  4. Nice to meet you Kelsey and thanks for visiting my blog! Great post, I wish we had some elevation here that I could get lost in! But a good run and good that you kept at it. Cheers!


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