Run: Lost lakeside

I am a bit ashamed to call myself a Phoenix native today, but at least I have some interesting information for all you potential readers out there. Today, being Saturday, is my official long run day. So I forewent my invitation to the boyfriends Criterium, and laced up my black ASICS to apprehensively attempt my 75 minute goal. All was going fine and normal; I was a little bit warm due to the 72 degree weather, but other than some extra sweat, I was feeling fine. I passed the Tempe Town Lake main entrance at about my 20 minute mark. I usually pass the park and stay on the sidewalk so as to make a big loop, but today I thought I'd try out the Beach Park paths (it's not really a beach we Arizonians just get excited about water; it's only a dam system with a cement path and desert trees built around it). I had to add 15 minutes to my work out, so I figured one lap around the lake would add the perfect amount of time. There was my first error in judgement. My second was when I kept my mouth open while running through a swarm of gnats.

About fifteen minutes into my jog around the lake, I realized it was much, I mean much, bigger than I had ever realized. Uh well, I figured, I might as well keep going. How long can it be? I awkwardly passed the rowing competition taking place, picking up my speed to a unbelievable record pace of 8.38 minutes/mile so that I wouldn't be in the midst of the screaming rowing fans for too long. Well 25 long and confusing minutes later (that's 40 around the lake combined with twenty to get there; 60 total), I dead ended on the wrong side of the lake.  I missed the bridge- perfect. So I back track. Hitting a record time for myself, I realize I'm exhausted and parched, and sadly, still running around Tempe Town Lake. So I pause my Garmin and take a drink at the convenient little water fountain. Then, being the genius that I am today, forgot to turn my Garmin back on. I clearly don't notice this mistake any time soon because I am so relieved with my discovery of the entrance of the bridge. About ten minutes later, I realize my stupidity and turn on my Garmin. I continued running until I about collapsed.

Total time: somewhere between 80-90 minutes.
Total Distance: Somewhere between 6.8-7.8 miles

Since I had finally made it over the bridge, and near the correct exit, I slid into a slow, pathetic walk. Sadly, I had about 3 more miles of walking before I'd make it home.

Moral of the story: Next time I'm driving to Tempe Town lake. It's much bigger than I realized.

With all that said, I should get two fist pumps or three high fives for running 80-90 minutes!

Two other awesome things that happened in the last day:

1. The boyfriend and I went to a spring training game (A's vs. Brewers), and it was so much fantabulous fun. We sat in the left field section and could pretty much give any member of the Brewers bull pen a friendly "good game" pat on the tush.... if we had wanted to. It was absolutely gorgeous out, the field looked amazing, the beer was delish and gee do I love baseball. It was the perfect way to spend our one year anniversary. It's days like that that make me fall in love with Arizona all over again. I do get cynical at times, and the summers are pretty unbearable, but AZ has some absolutely amazing attractions to offer, not to mention the beautiful weather. I am going to make it a point to start appreciating the things about Arizona that I absolutely love, such as:

The beautiful weather
Spring Training Games
Tempe Town Lake (that's a new addition to the list)
Southwestern artwork and style
My awesome neighborhood
Bike Friendly streets
The variety of easy and awesome day trip possibilities
The old rustic houses
The shopping
The swimming pools

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

2. I got a job interview! And it's not just any interview. I am interviewing for the food editor position at Sheknows.com. I absolutely love this website and it would be such an amazing place to work. So check out the website and send me good thoughts, luck and prayers.

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