Run: Motivation after a long weekend

It's extremely difficult to motivate myself to run after taking two days off in a row. I'd rather be drinking beer, laying out at a near by hotel pool and enjoying myself while finishing up my current read. I wish my work schedule didn't force me to schedule my time that way. But I still managed to muster up the inspiration to do a short run at mid day. It was about 25 minutes, but at a quicker pace then usual. I was a little crampy due to a big, greasy breakfast, but I continued to run, and I continued to run quickly. It was one of the first times since I picked up this hobby that I actually enjoyed my run. I mean, I like exercising, and therefore I like the condition that running puts me in, but I can't say that until today I have ever enjoyed my run, while running. If this is how I feel on a day that I was dreading running, then I assume things are gong to get more exciting from here on out.  The only strength training I did was crunches. It's a short one today but they're be much more next time!

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