Run: Good days

Here's what went down:
1. Drove back from Tucson (less than favorable)
2. Went for my long run (see below)
3. Boyfriend cooked a tasty and healthy dinner
4. Boyfriend and I are working our way through the Oscar-winning films, ya know, after the Oscar's.  So we watched A Serious Man, which ended up being very serious. It's a great film, really well done, but boy oh boy is it depressing. However, being the glass is half full type person that I am, I managed to conclude that the writer and/or director was trying to motivate the viewers, specifically me, to lead proactive lives. "Sometimes you've just got to help yourself." Aint it the truth. Fittingly, I then moved on to activity number five.
5. Signed up for a 5k!!!! Holla Holla!! Yes my dear, potential readers, the Blonde Bullet is going to run her first 5k. The event takes place on March 27th (conveniently on my birthday). I was feeling fairly confident and motivated after the weekend, however I am now officially beginning to panic. I mean I run VERY slowly.  And some trainers suggest only running a few 5Ks a season whereas I initially thought I could start doing them every weekend. So I really cannot blow this first one too bad. But all jitters aside, I am very excited.
6. Read.
7. Nine hours of sleep

Run: 60 minutes, 11-minute average. 5 miles in 55 minutes.
Thoughts/aches/concerns: Surprise, surprise, the drills and sprints yesterday were a bad idea. I was so sore. I think it took me over 20 minutes to actually warm up. It was one of the least pleasant runs that I've had in a while. The entire time I was thinking how great it would be to start walking. I just felt lethargic.  I mean it wasn't a bad run, I kept my pace where I wanted it and I completed my time, it just didn't feel good.

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  1. i keep confusing a serious man with a single man (which is the tom ford film) i will have to check them both out!

    let me know if you want to do pat's run in april... i also plan on running very slowly!


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