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Spring is so bittersweet. The days linger at 75 degrees with a light breeze to soften the sunshine. The birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. There's even a distinct Arizona smell that happens only l in the beginning of spring. Beautiful isn't it? Too bad those dreamy flowers and that peaceful breeze are making me itch and sneeze. My allergies have been out of control.

I had a really good training week. I stuck to my schedule and worked hard. Then came Friday. Friday's run was short and slow, as scheduled. Post-run was supposed to consist of stretching and relaxing. Well the stretching happened, but by the time i was done stretching the pollen had taken over my body and I was a sniffly, sneezy mess. Although it was somewhat manageable most of the day, by four O'clock the problem peaked and I was loading up on Benadryl and camping out on the couch with Kleenex.

So what I'm trying to get at is that I didn't do my long run on Saturday. I had to work that night and although I woke up feeling much better, I was terrified I'd be miserable again if I dared to venture into the great outdoors. I was too afraid to run on Sunday too. Sad, isn't it? I'm afraid to go outside.

Well Monday my allergies were back at it so I decided to go to the gym. The treadmill is boring. Really, really boring. However I decided to work on my speed and did my second mile under 9:00 minutes, but then I was too tired to go on.I blew myself out. I also managed to give myself one hell of a blister. So I lifted upper body weights.

Monday Work Out:

Run: 22 minutes, one mile fast pace

Strength: triceps, shoulders, back

Emotions/Thoughts/Concerns: I need an ipod if I'm to venture to the gym ever again.

Well now my work out schedule is all topsy turvy.

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  1. bahhhh me too! I can't breath this morning!!!!!! WTF spring time!


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