Rest: Birthday Week Part 1: Why I'm a Traitor

I admit it, I'm a traitor. This past week, I joined the dark side. I took a break from running, pulled on some spandex and climbed onto my NEW road bike. That's right, new. So let me explain myself:

1) Saturday was my birthday. I was supposed to run a 5k in the morning, but my achilles tendon was still causing a minor ache.
2) Saturday was my birthday. My wonderful, wonderful boyfriend bought me a new (used) road bike. He received many gold stars.
3) I had to take almost a week off of running to let my leg heal (no pun intended!).
4) Boyfriend loves road bikes, so it's nice to ride together sometimes since we both enjoy it.

So I have been riding my new bicycle, and I haven't been running. Please forgive me.

I started with a casual ride with the girls (one of which races competitively) on Thursday. We did about 15 miles. It wasn't  a major work out but I used it to become more acquainted with my bike as well as with the girls. You see, I need girlfriends. It seems most of mine don't come out during the day unless there are bloody marys involved. So the idea of having girl friends that I can actually be athletic with is a tantalizing concept that makes me all giddy inside, like first date giddy, really. This little problem only emphasizes my dire need to join a running club/group, but darn it, I'm still scared. So until I join a running club, I am very happy to have some ladies to ride bikes with.

There seemed to be a mild desert hurricane on Friday. So we skipped the ride due to wind.

Then came Saturday. Boyfriend and cycling girl friend took me on the notorious PISS ride (I don't know why they call it that). They also secretly told another male member of the racing team that he could come along, unbeknownst to me.  Suddenly I was on a group ride, scary. I did 30 miles, with lots of hills!!! Pretty bad ass. and pretty fun too.

I really can't tell which sport I like better, cycling or running, and frankly I don't think I have to pick one. I mean neither sport is logically better for you than the other (I know all you professional cyclists or runners are going to argue that one), and all that really matters is whether or not I am enjoying the sport, and getting something out of it. For now, those requirements appeal to both sports. But running is so much more available. Cycling requires a lot of money and time. Plus there's something really striking to me about a sport that is completely dependent on my body. There's no equipment, strategies or rules to road running. It's just about how hard I can push myself. So for now, I'm still a runner. But by the end of PISS ride, I felt like I might collapse, so it was a good substitute for my birthday 5k.

This puts you up to date until my birthday extravaganza.. which is a topic worth having its own post...

To Be Continued

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