Rest: Birthday week part 2: Nachos and the elusive H&M

Last post I left you at the cusp of my birthday extravaganza. My birthday did not end with just a bike ride (as pleasant as it was). Well first, I convinced boyfriend to go shopping with me by lobbying that the men's section at H&M would allow him to find a decent selection of cheap, simple clothing. I also convinced the boyfriend that there is a H&M at Chandler Mall, a fact that I had already convinced myself of a few weeks prior when I had visited my sister there.

Twenty minutes of traffic, bad drivers and parking lot fiascos later, we arrived at Chandler Mall. Now, I live in a college-ish town. I only say "ish" because there is more to the city than just the college, unlike many other college towns, but it still offers the saturation of co-ops, hipsters, hippies, small businesses, bikes and skateboards that so many other college towns are known for. Well Chandler Mall is, well, opposite. It's the epitome of suburbia, a symbol for the middle-class, chain-loving golfers of the world. I have nothing against suburbia, most of my family resides in some form of suburbia, but I do have a hard time stomaching a mall full of teenage suberbians. But the boyfriend and I stayed strong and crusaded our way through the hormonal masses.

And then we arrive at the destination...which isn't H&M. It's Forever 21, which is definitely different, especially for a guy. FAIL. There is no H&M at Chandler Mall. MAJOR FAIL.

I somehow managed to find a cute birthday party outfit in under 15 minutes and we were out of there.

Then I took a nap.
And we finally arrive at the birthday party. I had my party and a dingy little bar called Boulders on Broadway. It's an American pub-like bar catered to rock climbers and cyclists. They also have a ton of beer on tap, which is why I love it. Apparently when I exercise intensely, I get drunk faster, which is fine, and cheaper for me. I was a happy drunk, and greeted everyone with an overzealous smile and hug.

I ordered some nachos around 10:00. Then again around 11:00. Then again around midnight. The third time was shocking enough o get a few gawks and high fives from my alcohol guzzling peers. I think a few girls were disgusted. The rest of the night consisted of a couple shots but mostly beer. I was gifted a few scratchers (is that something people do often?) that did not win me one million dollars, and ended the night with most of my class still in tact. SUCCESS.

I'll spare you a post on my hangover. Thank god the holidays are finally over.

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  1. i hope you had a great birthday lady!

    i have been dying to check out H&M... it's not far from my house. i'll let you know how it is!


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