Rest: 2..4...6...8... Words are What I Appreciate!

I’ve cussed at my computer for less than this. I’ve rolled my eyes, grunted and ridiculed aspiring writers for similar happenings. So why, dear readers, would I leave my blog stale and static for two entire weeks? Because I’m still learning to manage my time, that’s why. That’s the honest truth, and I'm sorry. I started an internship, I succumbed to the 20-something blues, I rode my bike, I caught up on my reading, and I didn’t write in my blog. However, I DID continue to run. Due to the small injury and a schedule change, I have not been running quite as frequently as I was, but I have been running.

To sum it up, my schedule looked something like this:

March 28-April 2nd:
Biked three times, about 30 miles each
Ran three times, two 30 minute runs, one 55 minute run
April 2nd-present:
ran twice, 30 minutes (I know, tisk, tisk)

So now that we’re caught up, I do have a few little life lessons that I am going to share.

The last few weeks have been emotionally rough. Nothing very dire has really happened, but the post-graduate depression (as they like to call it) has seeped into my starry-eyed blood. It’s not too heavy, it’s just a general malaise. It’s funny, because I absolutely love my internship, you’d think that would put me in a good mindset. However it only reminds me of how badly I want to be past this stage of life, how badly I wish my internship were actually my job. And it’s not only that. I’ve started to feel like I’ve been going through the motions, actively hoping that I will become jaded and give up my impractical desires to write, read, run and be merry. Immediately after graduation, I was inspired, motivated and amped up on collegiate idealism. But after a couple months of no luck and a belittling glance from "the man", things somehow changed.

Well today, I gave my self a good old fashion kick in the arse. It's time to remember the things that I love. I am actively seeking freelancing gigs. I am applying for more internships. I am committing to finishing my short stories and submitting them to publications. I am looking for a day job that will let me have my evenings to write, decompress and cook. I am ardently diving into running and blogging again. I am going to actively make choices to not only make myself happier, but also to ensure that I don’t settle, give in or become jaded. Do I sound like a self-help book yet? Eh, being overly zealous is better than having no zeal at all. 

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