Run: Personal record alert

This whole nine to five thing is exhausting, and it doesn't help that I'm obsessive about making sure all my work is fabulous and ahead of schedule even when I'm at home. So until I get used to my new job, and until I can effortlessly excel at my internship, my posts may be a little short. However, if you haven't noticed, lately I've been a little off topic (or off my training schedule to be specific) anyway. You're probably sick of my ramblings, huh? Oh you'll miss them soon, I know you will. But until you do, cheers to me! I have a new personal record!

Sunday 4.18.2010
Run: 30:54 minutes, 3 miles
Strength: crunches and arms
Thoughts/Emotions/Concerns: I just ran an 10:18 min/mile average, and it wasn't even that hard. I'm so proud!

Monday 4.19.2010
Run: 33 minutes, 3 miles
Strength: If I muster up the strength, I might do a few crunches... but probably not
Thoughts/Emotions/Concerns: I don't know if I should be disgusted or thoroughly impressed with myself, but after a long day of work (two different jobs, mind you), I came home to a decadent home-made and healthy meal made by my wonderful boyfriend. How, then, could I possibly deny a glass of wine...or two. Normally, even one glass of wine would be the end of any running aspirations for the night, however I conquered that feat tonight. Impressive? yes. Somewhat embarrassing? most definitely.

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