Rest: Moving on up

Things are looking up! Two great things happened this week (and really made up for my fairly crummy prior week). 1. I got a new job! woot woot. Okay, so it’s not a career or anything, so I shouldn’t be too excited, but it is a step in the right direction.  I’m officially the editorial and administrative assistant for an executive magazine company. I work for the lady who runs the entire thing (it’s a small company), and I get to close every issue, upload and organize the content, write and pretty much do everything that involves publishing a magazine. I also answer phones. It’s part-time, and she completely worked around my internship, so that’s cool. So if for some tragic reason, they don’t hire me at the end of my internship (but gee, I hope they do), then at least I have something to fall back on that also looks good on my resume. The best part is… I WILL NEVER SERVE TABLES AGAIN (god willing).

Exciting fact number two is that I have a new running buddy. Boyfriend and I’s good friends, who also happen to be a couple, moved back to Arizona from Oregon this week.  Miss Oregonian friend wants to start running with me.  Ahhh, [big, nerdy smile].  So we ran, and it was fun, and we made a running schedule for the week. I just hope we stick to it.

Run: 28 minutes.
Strength: crunches, arm exercises with strength band
Emotions/Thoughts/Concerns: My asthma is still acting up. It must be the pollen count that is affecting it, but this is starting to get really annoying. Plus, it’s giving me a cough for the next few hours after my run.

Run: 25 minutes
Strength: abs, arm exercises with strength band and medicine ball
Emotions/Thoughts/Concerns: I love having a running buddy, I just can't wait until she's in good shape and we can start running faster and for longer distances. 

Run: none
Strength/other: We went camping! So I went hiking Friday and Saturday. I also put up the tent all by myself! 
Emotions/Thoughts/Concerns: I love camping! And fishing! However I hate being dirty.
What a conundrum. 


  1. I wish I could run with you Kelsey! I'm such a horrible exerciser. Yes I just said that. I can barely handle kickball. Last week I fell flat on my face just running to first base.

  2. haha! That's hilarious. Anyone can run though, you should of seen my first two weeks of running-- I couldn't even run half a mile and I was sweating profusely.

    I wanna play kickball sooo bad!!


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