Rest: Athletes and artists can be friends

I woke up this morning with a pit in my stomach which probably had to do with the $100 I recklessly blew on food and beer last night. So rather than provide you with a mundane summarization of my Thursday morning drear and lack of motivation to run, I'll instead send you to one of my favorite reads, Interview Magazine, where you can read this lovely interview with Mark Parker, CEO and President of Nike. Please read it.

His poetic drive really inspires me. He flawlessly combines the aesthetic of athletes and artist not only in his shoes and in his Stages collaboration with Lance Armstrong (click here), but also in his entire worldview. Parker states,
"I’m drawn to people who are obsessed, and I guess people who know me have described me that way—a little otaku... it’s that incredible drive and almost single-mindedness that is really impressive. And obviously it doesn’t have to just be in sports. It’s in science and art and music and filmmaking—everywhere.  That’s the connection."
Obsession is exactly what I need. I 'm half way there, I can sense that much. I have obsessed enough to buy the running books, make a training schedule, and stick to it most of the time, but I haven't reached that other level.  That level where all I can think about is running. I'll constantly be reading about it, working on my speed, talking to friends about it, fearlessly making it the center of my life. I haven't even done that with writing and I claim it to be my greatest passion. Is that what makes the greatest great? A single-minded obsession? Or is it possible to be a little less obsessed with a lot of different things?

Ran: 35 minutes, middle ten at fast pace
Drills: Ten minutes
Strength: Ten minutes
Emotions/Thoughts/Concerns: My work out today was exhausting, and it shouldn't have been. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but boy do I need to work on my diet.


  1. In my opinion, you can't just be a little obsessed with something. And you know, try as I might, I can't let one obsession be swept under the rug while I focus on another at will. Instead, I put it on the rug, atop a pedestal, surrounded by candles. My point being: I agree with Mr. Nike. When you're obsessed it's all-consuming and limitless. It's fantastic too. So I hope you do become obsessed with running. Or blogging. Or blogging about running. It'll give the day so much more satisfaction. And we can trade stories about our obsessiveness (because, you know, we really need an excuse and all).

  2. Johnna I don't know if you subscribed to get an email or not, but I just now saw this comment and I'm so sorry I didn't respond! Let's talk about this soon!


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