Run: Nervous purvis

Well with one interview out the way (however, I can’t seem to stop shaking) I can provide you with a bit of a work out re-cap.  You’ll be proud to hear that I went through with my cross-training endeavors on Monday. I rode my bike for about 18 miles, which isn’t much, but it was a pretty bad day for my asthma.  It’s amazing how different cycling and running are for a work out. They work very similar muscles, and they are both moderate-intensity, endurance sports, and yet I find each activity to work my lungs and muscles in a different way. If I can come up with the cash to invest in a new bike and kit, then I’ll be able to incorporate cycling into my schedule more consistently. Other than the cycling, my off days consisted of four birthdays, more rain, and a lot of pre-interview anxiety.

I was glad to discover that I didn’t feel rusty at all for my run yesterday. I ran for 30 minutes and a quicker pace then usual and it was pretty easy. I’m starting to sweat less, breathe slower and be able to take in the neighborhood scenery. I assume this means that I have reached a changing point in my training schedule. I’m no longer just training myself to be a runner, but rather am actually training to race. It’s a good feeling.

Tuesday Run: 32 minutes; moderate intensity
Strength: Very light, with crunches and a few upper body strength exercises 
Thoughts/Emotions/Pains: I am a runner hear me roar! 5k anyone?

Be ready for another post tonight with a summary of today’s workout.

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