Run: 1/4 of a Marathon

I ran for an entire hour today. I ran 5.2 miles. That’s like, almost a fourth of a marathon. That’s almost a forth of a marathon!!!! I knew that if I just set my goals a little bit higher that I would be capable of accomplishing more. I feel like an awkward shy kid who finds out he’s funny in front of a group of cheerleaders and jocks. I can’t believe I ran that long! I’m impressed with myself!  It’s exhilarating, really. So to any of you make-believe readers who may be having trouble staying motivated—if me  (beer drinking, nacho eating lady who hadn’t ran for more than three minutes since P.E. my freshman year of high school) and my asthma can get this far, so can you.

I composed this list somewhere in between minutes 28-45 of my run:

Things I need if I’m going to continue running/blogging:
1. A new camera (so you can see what I see)
2, New socks (see yesterday)
3. New shoes
4. Bootylicious (and moisture wicking) stretchy running shorts
5. Three more sports bras
6. Other moisture-wicking clothing
7. An ipod (mine was stolen) and that holder thing that fits on your arm
8. Training and diet books
9. A subscription to Runner’s World
10. A writing/editing job (ok, not a necessity to running but a career would be nice)

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  1. i have a few training books i will send your way! i love my ipod shuffle for running because it just clips right to your shirt...

    1/4 of a marathon is very impressive!


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