Rest: Cross-walking

Today was supposed to be my cycling today. I was so excited about my new schedule that I even gathered the courage to ask some girl that I barely know, some girl who races her bike every weekend (Cat 5, but still...), some girl with a really cool bike, if she wanted to go on a ride with me today. I mean, I should get confidence props for that. But no, this fluke desert rain has ruined my day again. Technically, any cross training would do, but I'm a horrible swimmer, and I don't know any other options. 

But don't worry make-believe readers, my manager left work early today and took the parking pass with him. Being the poor and starving waitress that I am, I refused to pay the $12 to get out of the parking garage sans pass. So, in a brief break in the rain, I walked home. It was a 30 minute walk, and since this is technically a rest (or cross-training) day, I'll consider that my work out.

Now I'm eating tortilla chips dunked in nacho cheese sauce paired with a Czech Pilsner. I don't need to be worrying about my race weight yet. Right?

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