Rest: Rainy Sunday

Today is my first scheduled long run. The goal is to run for forty minutes today. But Kelsey, today is Sunday. Sunday is for resting and drinking and screeching "Sunday Funday!" at the most inappropriate, rude or obnoxious moments. Unfortunately my work schedule is off this week and I have to work tonight. There is no sense in taking a rest day when I have to spend five hours lifting chairs, carrying drinks and speed walking in drill-like motions. Serving tables is quite tiring, so I cannot take my rest day today. But do not fret because after today my week will look exactly as posted.

The day began similar to a rest day: I laid in bed two hours after officially waking, hoping that if I kept my eyes closed long enough I would wake up in a good mood. Surprisingly, this plan kind of worked. By the time 9:30 came around I actually wanted to get out of bed, and shockingly felt quite motivated to "seize the day," as I like to call the act of getting things done productively. However it's been raining again today, which has oddly been happening at least once a week for the last two months. This is the desert. We desert peoples do not like having to plan our days around the weather, unless the weather is 120 degrees Fahrenheit in which we then avoid all plans all together. So, since the time I crawled out of bed I've been wasting time on the internet, setting up a LinkedIn account and scoping for journalism jobs on every job posting imaginable.

"Oh shit moment:" I have to go buy some allergy medicine before I run today. I can't run without my allergy medicine or I turn into a puffy eyed, running nosed, sneezy mess that is not only annoying but I'd imagine incredibly gross to look at. I've been out of my prescription medicine for a week and it hasn't arrived yet. So as I wander out the door, into the rain and towards my car, LO AND BEHOLD: Clarinex in the mailbox!  As I fist pump with glee, I stroll into the house while opening that precious bag, open up the bottle, pop a pill and sit down to put on my running shoes. DOG COMES SPRINTING, leaps into my lap, knocking over the container of 100 tiny pills all over my linoleum floor.

Sunday Funday.

Emotions/Aches/conditions before run:

Skipped a birth control pill yesterday so my endometriosis is causing some major cramping. And after two cups of coffee and two puffs on my inhaler, I'm feeling abnormally shaky.  I do, however, feel very well-rested.

Post Run:

Well the endometriosis was a real problem today. I haven't had endo pain in a while, so I was not accustomed to dealing with it while I ran. I just kept telling myself it would go away and eventually it did. I've already written enough in the post to bore any potential reader so I'll just sum it up with this:

I ran for 42 minutes, which was about 3.65 miles. I felt like I could have ran for much longer, which means that maybe I should push myself a little harder on my next run. Speed, however, is the real enemy. I'm not sure when a person is in shape enough to be working on speed, but I don't feel like I'm there yet. But a 12 minute miles is pretty slow and if I want to run a 5k any time soon, I've got to bring my time down to at least a ten minute mile. Well, that's something to think about anyway.

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