Introductions: The Blond Bullet

So before I start rambling, you should know that the point of this entire blog is to get me to run a marathon... in a year. To some of you this may seem like a small feat, and to others, this probably sounds like an insane and completely unenjoyable goal. But to me, it's a terrifying, somewhat laughable and yet somewhat realistic, objective. 

Why is it a terrifying and laughable objective? 
First of all, because I have asthma. I've had asthma since I was about seven, and although, in my twenty somethings, I have gotten it under control, I still would consider it "severe" asthma. I use my inhaler almost every day. I'm on allergy and asthma preventatives, and I have asthma attacks easily. yada yada. yada. I also have Endometriosis, which (as most people don't know, and if you do, high five for you) basically means my uterus has malfunctioned. It sounds way scarier than it actually is though, and it rarely interferes with my daily life (never forces me to call in sick or anything). Basically it causes cramps once in a while, especially when I exercise.  I played softball in high school but since then I have merely attended the gym for three month increments every six months.

So the point of all this is that I am not a runner. I never have been, and the idea of running a marathon sounds impossible. But I want to do it. Which leads us to the next question: Why is this also a realistic objective?

I'm not severely out of shape or over weight. I am not boasting here at all. I maintain a weight that is barely within my BMI by biking around town and serving tables. A few months ago, I started jogging. The first week I couldn't even run half of a mile. Since then, I've maintained an extremely sporadic and inconsistent running schedule that has lead me, after threeish months, to be able to run a mile easily. Therefore I think this is a good time to set some long term goals. 

Running, however, is not my passion; writing is. But I also believe that disciplined fitness and health can promote overall well-being, which, contrary to popular belief, will contribute to my success as a writer. So this blog is a combination of my experiences training as a runner, my experiences in life, and my experiences as writer. Most importantly, this blog combines and connects all the experiences that make me thrive. This is a blog about running, but not only about running, and more about everything I think and get out of running, and some other things too.

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