Run: You Run How You Eat

If it hadn't been for the giant double mirrors in the trusty boyfriend's his/her bathroom, I might have gone weeks without realizing that my once-decent abs have gone into hiding under a happy, but fluffy, tummy.  It only took a few seconds of gazing into that glossy, self-degrading reflection for "Eye of the Tiger" to start playing in my head. Must have six-pack-- I am AMPED.

So, I began today's strength and run work out with trusty boyfriend's medicine ball. I did some basic core moves and a few varieties of squats and then head out to do laps around trusty boyfriend's gated community. It was like running a track, I imagine, because I was running in circles. I was expecting to have a decent work out due to plenty of rest and lots of energy, but it took about three strides for the stabbing pain to creep into my left side. Am I dehydrated? No. Do I have to pee? No. Oh right, for lunch I ate a bounding bowl of clam chowder, paired with a sandwich and oodles of fries. The sandwich wasn't too unhealthy, but I definitely over ate, and the fried food paired with heavy cream was overly indulgent. Only a few minutes into my run, I'm remembering: what you eat will directly affect how you run (I'm pretty sure I've read that somewhere...). I kept running in hopes that the cramping would go away, but it never did. I ended up running at about the same pace that my frigid legs were growing back my hair.

Wulp, lesson learned. Hopefully this will inspire a healthier diet (which wouldn't hurt the six-pack dreams, which, as I mentioned before I am feeling AMPED about).

To make up for the lazy 30 minute run, I marched inside, picked up the medicine ball and dedicated myself to doing as many crunches and drills as possible until my ab muscles start shaking and my stomach feels queezy. I didn't push myself quite that far, but it was nice to feel my ab muscles get tired for a change. It's been a while since I focused on abdominal stretches and strength.

For dinner, I'm sticking with a protein shake. I've got a big work out tomorrow and the last thing I need is lethargic legs and a bloated tummy.

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