Rest: The Tucson Tour

I just love a good day trip, or a few-days trip. The boyfriend and I went to Tucson today to look at U of A's law school. I couldn't help but picture myself with long braided hair wearing a vintage nighty-esque dress with moccasins, all while picking up the harmonica and the art of incense making. Believe me, if I end up moving to Tucson, that actually might happen. Tucson is full of hippies, but I love it. While boyfriend and I were tossing out the pros and cons of residing in Tucson, I resolved that the most exciting pro would be that everything I could ever need would be in one square block: co-op, coffee, beer, pizza, health food, vintage shops, neighborhoods and possible places to run. That would be pretty dang cool if I didn't get too sick of it first.

Highlights of the day

1) Dread-locked man mystically playing  his flute while riding his bicycle through 4th Avenue.
2) The college-esque bars in Tucson seem to be wonderfully lacking in the abundance of testosterone and date rape drugs found in similar Tempe bars.
3) Tucsonans are extremely friendly.
4) A delightful bar called The Shanty has a self-servicing popcorn machine.
5) Differentiating real cowboys from fake cowboys. The boyfriend is a pro detector of cowboy farces.

The road trip accomplished it's goal and boyfriend and I were equally enamored with the town and law school. We were not-so equally troubled (as in I was the only one troubled) by how small the place is, as well as by the over-saturation of Wild West culture. It was extremely charming, but the odds of me finding a good job there are slim. Still, I can't help but hope I do find a job in Tucson so that I can indulge in my inner hippie, grow an enormous garden, write stories all day and shop at the co-op. Seriously, it's an extremely unique and alluring town that would have a promising effect on my soul.

Needless to say, I didn't run (although we did do a ton of walking).  It was an important day though so you cannot hold it against me.

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