Run: The silver-lining theory

I can't help but be an optimist. I've read and heard that it's smart to have little goals and little accomplishments before and after every run. It sounds like a trivial practice, but I am finding more and more that it's extremely rewarding. For instance, this week has been a little disheartening. I felt extremely motivated last time we spoke, and I was determined to begin increasing my mileage. However, I must remind you (and myself) that I am still getting used to my new work schedule, and am therefore feeling extremely busy and exhausted. Lo and behold, so far this week, my work outs have been extremely short.

So that's a bummer.

And then, enter silver-lining theory. I think I am finally becoming a habitual runner. Definition of habitual runner: Some one who can't stand missing a work out, who rarely makes excuses that actually stick, and who runs even when she's extremely tired, anxious, busy or apathetic. Although I may not be nearing my long-distance goals quite as quickly as I was hoping, I am proud of the fact that running has become something that I love more and more each day. Even though there's times when I dread putting on my Sauconys, the dread comes less and less. I no longer look at running as my newest form of exercise, but rather as something I cannot live without. I never thought I'd say this without a slight scoff, laugh or shrug, but yes, I am a runner.


  1. Kelsey, Actually you are anything you want to be! You love running, I would imagine, because it makes your day feel complete. Even though work can be rewarding, yes I said rewarding, it's not the release that exercise can be. Exercise, in any form, just rounds out the day! And for that you feel complete!

  2. Aw, thanks Nancy! That's great encouragement!

  3. yay! you are a runner for sure!

    exercise is definitely a stress reliever for me... i feel terrible when i miss my workouts.

  4. just wanted to say, I used to hate running and thanks to your blog you have inspired me to start running.

    Since I am not in the best shape I started the couch - 5k program and this blog keeps me motivated! Turns out I actually enjoy running..

    Im not sure how long you have been running but what time do you find its best to run during the Arizona summer?!

  5. Wow thanks so much for the encouragement Liz! I know once you get past the first few weeks, it starts to become fun. Right? Way to get started!

    This will be my first summer running consistently, but I did run a little last summer and my boyfriend rides road bikes competitively.. we have found that it's best to work out around 6 am.. which I know is crazy early.

    Actually, this week I am going to try to start running before work, so if you keep reading, I'l let you know how it goes!


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