Run: Forming habits,
missing training

Confession: I didn't run for four days in a row! I know, tisk, tisk. Frankly, by the last day I not only felt like Fatty Mcfaterstein, but I was also feeling anxious and uber-bummed. How many times am I going to have to remind myself that exercising makes me happy? Running = endorphins = happiness. DUH. 

Well at least I'm back on the running wagon. I did, however, realize something crucial. This running thing, it's supposed to last my entire life. This isn't something you just pick up and do for a couple seasons and then resign to a life of Nintendo and potato chips (For the record, I have nothing, and I mean NOTHING, against either of those things—in fact I rather like them both). I am attempting to develop habits that I will keep for the rest of my life. That’s quite a while. So I can’t go around moping all over the place every time I miss a few days. It’s going to happen. The important thing is that I don’t quit—that I put my Sauconeys back on and start running again. So the moral for today: Don’t even act like quitter. Keep your chin up, and keep running.

Now if only I could get myself out of bed before 7am, you guys could hear about my morning runs (which are currently nonexistent).

Running To Do’s (these are different then goals… somehow)
1. Trail run
2. Start running in the mornings
3. Run with an ipod (which requires buying one, which is difficult)


  1. oooh get an itouch (if an iphone is out of the question). then you have an ipod... but also can get the runkeeper app for free. you turn it on before your run, it maps your run and gives you your distance plus average speed. love it!

  2. Kelsey. Jeff has arrived at your blog. First time reading.

    When I run, and we're talking seasonally to avoid winter depression, I never run the same route twice. I find certain streets to revisit, but I always pick a new destination (thank you mapmyrun). I know it's hard to take a camera running, but I would love for you to take a photo of something from each run. Then share it on the blog and reflect on it.

    Consider this me shouting from the peanut galleries.

    Also, if you can wait, I would gladly sell you my lightly older ipod nano. You'd get a Kelsey discount as well.

  3. a good option (if you're trying to save on $$) is to get a refurbished ipod (itouch or otherwise). you can order them right off the apple website, they're fixed-up by apple, & cheaper... definitely something to check out!

  4. I find your attitude towards potential inconsistency refreshing

  5. Thanks for the tips guys! I need to start saving for an ipod situation. And Katie, I had no idea that Apple does that so I am totally checkin it out.

    Drivemouth- thanks!

    halcon- I think about doing that a lot, but alas, running with a camera would be a major pain. I'll do it someday though!

  6. Hey Kelsey! I found you through my blog "That House on the Corner" and I must say I envy your drive. After buying our home I became so caught up in it that I stopped taking the time to workout on a regular basis. I swear that if it weren't for waitressing and painting I would be a total hippo!

    Yesterday was my first run in a while and I was sooo out of shape, but it felt so good! Maybe dropping in here will help keep me motivated?!

    Caitlin @ That House on the Corner

  7. Caitlin.

    Thanks so much for reading! I suppose the grass is always greener, because I envy your drive to make your home adorable! I'm far from crafty (my boyfriend likes to call me "chimpy"), and I am super lazy most of the time. But kudos for starting to run again! The hardest part is putting on your running shoes.


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