Live from the hospital:
Kt's having a baby!

Say hello to Aunt Kelsey. Well, almost. I am currently sitting in the hospital waiting for little baby Wallace to be born. My wonderful sister (Katie)  and her wonderful husband (Brandon) are having their first baby. She's checked in and ready to go, and about to move into the labor room. I'll be keeping you posted. Right now, the waiting room is pretty mellow, however I am thoroughly impressed with the royal purple, leather seating. Claaaaaasssy.

Oh and FYI, tonight's Suns vs. Laker's game is very important since baby Kelton is coming from a torn house-- Brandon is a Laker's fan, Katie (although somewhat of a traitor lately) is  Sun's fan. So I figure, whoever wins tonight will change Kelton's destiny. If the Sun's win, he's a sun's fan. If the Laker's win, he's a Laker's fun. LETS GO SUNS!

I brought donuts for everyone. But so far, everyone is just me and my mom and we're both dieting. Soooo that's cool.

My sister and her husband-- married for three years-- are quite possibly the cutest young couple in the world, so I'm sure they're having an equally adorable baby (They are pictured above, at the baby shower, about two months ago). I am planning on achieving the "world's best aunt" award (recently given to my aunt nancy) by shamelessly spoiling Kelton throughout his darling baby and childhood. Here are the list of things I plan to do immediately with Mr. Kelton:

1. Dress him up. All the time.
2. Make Brandon babysit, leave him with some bottles and get Katie drunk (she misses the boos)
3. Buy him clothing
4. Read to him. ALOT. I just love, love, love children's books.
5. I'm going to tickle him. When he's old enough to laugh. And that will be funny.
6. I'm going to make him hang out with Calypso.
7. I'm going to come up with fun little nicknames for him. While he was still in the womb (second trimester) I called him skelator. But I don't think that's quite fitting anymore.
8. I'm going to rock him to sleep
9. When he gets a little older, I'm going to help him crawl.
10. When he spits up or throws up or poops I'm going to give him back to Kt

Well send your good thoughts and prayers our way!


  1. Ok, you know I have to comment! I adore the "world's best aunt" title but would be willing to share the great aunt title-no puns intended! I would, however, like to add to your list of things to do with baby Kelton:
    1. Teach him to ride a skateboard. If you fall, that's OK.
    2. Teach him the "towel whip". But remind him to be careful around Brandon!
    3. Make sure you have his cell phone number. You might not use it often but it is comforting to know that it is close by.
    4. Tell him all the college stories about your dad. I am sure he will love them as much as we all have!
    5. Love him with all your heart. He is family and there is nothing more important in life than family.

    With all my love, Aunt Nancy

  2. how exciting! you will definitely be the coolest aunt ever :)

  3. okay, okay here I am! I guess I am the better half of the "adorable" couple you speak of. Thanks, by the way! Also- those donuts were really good after labor and the next morning- so gracias! Anyway, thanks for the shout on on the blog and I love your "Kelton" list! You are gonna rock at being an Auntie! Oh, and I cant wait for #2!
    XOXO- sissy


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