Rest: Do Phoenix: Bikini Lounge, Mucho Gusto, Mitchell Park

Every writer needs a place to write. Duh—writers have been declaring this notion for centuries (I prefer the musings of Virginia Wolf’s A Room of One’s Own). But finding the right spot can be an arduous and agitating affair. Until now, I’ve been loyal to local coffee shops, like Cartel and Xtreme Bean, but I’m sick of running into people that I know and being forced to socialize instead of write. Don’t get me wrong, I like socializing, I like it so much that I forget that I’m trying to work. Not to mention, with all those hipsters coming and going, the longing to people watch can become an incorrigible distraction.

Now that the temperature is rising, and soon Arizona will be likened to a hell-hole, the most important criteria in finding a new spot is air-conditioning—and I mean air-conditioning on high, blasted into every corner of the room, so cooling I may need a sweater. So today, I am writing from Sucker Punch Sallys—a grungy, rockabilly diner—and I may have found a winner. With that said, here’s the weekend run down:

Friday: Jeremy’s Birthday. We had cocktails on the roof of the Clarendon Hotel with 20 to 30 other Tempe/Phoenix socialites and attendees. Then it was off to Bikini Lounge, which, once we remedied the cash-only situation, was a total blast. The highlight of the night was the unexpected dance party that occurred around 1am. I’m a great dancer when I’m drunk, promise.

Saturday: No hang over? How could this be? Spent the day at Cartel working on my resume, and ended up having a very pleasant conversation with another Cartel-goer. And this oh-so pleasant conversation lead to a new freelance gig—I’ll explain more later, but I’m thrilled! And then it was girl’s night at Mucho Gusto with my favorite ladies, Rhiannon and Lauri (my Oregonian friend).

Sunday: Although the day is not over yet, it’s jam-packed with amazingness: (1) Dog walk with Amy for 30 minutes (she woke me up by appearing at my front door at 8am-hilarious). (2) Write at Sucker Punch. (3) Thrift shopping with Lauri, I’m hoping to find something as awesome as the dress pictured below. I'm in need of some cheap, adorable vintage that I can wear to work. (4) Mitchell dog park with all the ladies while the boys play soccer (5) Spend the night with my wonderful boyfriend who just completed his last season race. He’s going to need some girlfriend TLC for sheezy.

So far, May is so good. Know of any good spots I should visit next weekend? Let me know in the comment section! 

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  1. i have always wanted to try mucho gusto... their patio looks so cute!

    that dress is a must have for work. finally, a valid excuse to buy new clothes!


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