Rest: May fever

What a great weekend. I do hate having every minute scheduled out, but you either embrace it or bust. So I had a great weekend. Saturday was filled with a SheKnows casting call and then babysitting for my other boss. Saturday was the AZ State Champ Crit which took place in Old Town, so we drank beers while cheering and taking pictures. Below or a few of the best moments. There's going to be some changes around here at theblondebullet, but until I get that all figured out, I leave you with these pics:

Just seconds before I dump my bloody mary all over my and Lauri's lap... sadly, I was still sober. Gooo Bike Haus!

 Mmm... Men in Spandex: AZ State Champ Criterium

Just testing out the photoshoot equipment

SheKnows casting call for a reality show on our website!


  1. these "changes" better not be you giving up on your marathon. Where else can I read stories about eating bugs and running around Tempe Town Lake? I'll fight you.

  2. No don't worry! The marathon goal will not change! I am just trying to make things more organized and official. I am going to be on a more consistent schedule, with continuing themes and more personal pictures. Hopefully, that's okay with you :)

  3. great pics kels! we had so much fun watching jared race. let's do it again soon!


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