Run: The comfort zone

It's easy to get stuck in the routine, in the monotony, so for the sake of my ever-anxious soul, I am really embracing The silver lining theory.  My running goal-of-the-day on Friday was to get out of my comfort zone-- someway, somehow. So as I turned the usual corner, where I usually start to head back, I gave my self a little pep talk. One step into a new direction: Will I have enough energy or will I bonk? Two steps into a new direction: This is exhilarating, really. 
One block into the new direction: I have arrived at my second wind. Don't you just love the second wind? I continued to run two miles outside of my typical trajectory. I know that's not very far, but there's really something exciting about breaking the routine and ignoring life's little safety cushions. I have now increased my daily run to four miles. So now I am one step closer to my June 1st goal of making my daily run a 5-miler and my long run a 10-miler. This also, once again solidifies the theory that you should make small goals and find small accomplishments within every run, or hey, even with every day. I in fact challenge you to do just that.

So what was my small accomplishment for today (Tuesday)? .....

My days are extremely routine, this is harder than I thought. Okay, I downloaded a computer program to do my 2008 taxes, I met my dad for lunch, and I cleaned my boyfriends house while he was out buying beer since he is so great to me. Those are all good things that made my day a little better. I hope you all have a very happy Wednesday! And hey, if you come here often, "Follow me," it makes me smile. Big time.

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