Rest: Four Peaks, Postino and Mother's Day

I'm a rather proactive person. I continually am making, keeping and crossing off To-Do lists of all kinds: life to do's, education to do's, daily to do's, career to do's, etc. I enjoy getting things done. In consequence, I get upset when I don't get things done. So I think part of the reason I became so ridiculously bummed out (in the post below) was because I didn't get much done over the weekend. I did, however, have a lot of fun. I'm in much better spirits today so let's take a look at my girl's night, my Four Peaks all day binger and my Mother's Day celebration. They were all pretty darn swell!

Friday was girl's night, and although poor Lauri (my Oregonian friend) was home sick with a cold, Rhiannon and me enjoyed some direly needed girl talk over wine, bruschetta and ice cream at Postino Wine Cafe. Delish! 

 And then came Saturday. One of my favorite things to when I'm feeling lazy is to wake up and watch a movie. I typically get really emotionally involved with whatever film I'm watching and it ends up being a cathartic experience. So, after bawling my way through P.S. I Love You, I headed out to FourPeaks... which was only an innocent beginning to an entire day of drinking. Fun!

And that leaves us with Mother's Day. My brother, his girlfriend and her kids (twins- adorable) came over, and we all drank, cooked and told stories while the kids played in the swimming pool. Midway through the afternoon I realized that I should probably be nice to my future nieces, even though at that point I couldn't even remember their names. 

My yummy vegetarian feist

Our epic salad bar

Dad squaring off with the dog. I'm not sure which one of them is more stubborn...

Me and Momma!

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day! 


  1. that sounds like the most wonderful weekend ever! let's do a double date at postino sometime. i love that place!

  2. "My boyfriend, his girlfriend and her kids (twins- adorable) came over, and we all drank" this sounds like it might have been an awkward situation!

  3. Brie- yes yes yes to Double @ Postino. That sounsd amazing.


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