Rate: 4 Things I have learned through running, work and then some

I realize that I am in a pivotal point in my life, even though it doesn't feel like it; I'm starting my first job/hopefully-career-- and that's pretty dang cool. I'm going to look back on this year(s) and laugh at my naivety, idealism and enthusiasm. Maybe I'll look back and miss the uncertainty and excitement of it all. Or maybe I won't. Either way, whether your my age, older or younger, you might appreciate hearing a few of the life lessons I've been learning. These lessons apply to both running, work and a social life. So here are a few of my thoughts, spoken from myself, to myself:

1. Dress the part. Always. In a perfect world no one would care what you wear, but this world is far from perfect. Not to mention, it will make you feel more comfortable in the given environment.

2. Never forget this: You really are capable of what you set my mind to. Whether it's 26.2 miles, financial stability or a change in a personal flaw, it takes hard work and persistence, but it's doable.

3. Get tough skin- you need it in order to succeed. But make sure you've got a soft layer directly under the rough. Always be prepared to do a skin change in any situation.

4. Surround yourself with people you respect-- people that you respect for different reasons. There's nothing worse that a close group made up of 15 of the same person. Surround yourself with those who have individuality, enthusiasm and integrity.

Ya know, after I write them down, they sound a bit basic. But I guess, basic isn't a bad thing. In fact, if you can't get the basics right, you're not going to get very far with the harder stuff.


  1. couldn't agree more with this list. Especially number 2.

  2. These are all great. I especially like number 2, it's right on! Good luck with your new career and getting to that marathon finish line!

  3. basic, but very true. My favorite mantra is "You're capable of more than you realize."


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