Rest: Skyping in the City

How exciting, I think I may be entering into that part of your twenties that is supposed to be fun. My nights are getting mellow and yet still indulgent with good wine and good food. My friends and I no longer worry about social scenes and men, but rather enjoy each other's company and discuss our passions, dreams, jobs and hobbies. My dog even seems happier. I feel like Sex in the City... except I'm not rich, sub NYC with the Wild West and, ugh, my outfits aren't nearly as amazing.

On the running front (which I know is what most of you care about... thanks for humoring me with the other stuff), I've been taking it easy since I don't need to start really training until mid September (will explain more in next post). I don't want to over do it prematurely. So instead, I've been focusing on the simple pleasures in life... besides running.
On Friday, we got a new couch! Do you love?

I'm feeling better and better about my new job everyday. It took me a while to admit this, but... I... am working on a website company for models. Like, I actually am trying to help models and will be working with them often. And at first I was kind of embarrassed, but now, I'm downright proud and excited! It's been so fun to give my input on all the creative aspects, and I think it will be a really cool project. So I'm telling my English Major nerdy other half to calm down and enjoy it. 

Skype is amazing! It's not as good as the real thing, but it kind of feels like I get to hang out with Mr. Wonderful whenever I want. I don't know what long-distance couples did before Skype. Screen shot!

So overall, I think life is going to be pretty good once I get used to all the changes. 
Change is usually a good thing.

I promise more Run posts to come. Resting ain't easy.



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