Run: The morning blues

So I'm done taking it easy.  I'm almost done with my new marathon training schedule, officially on paper, and I'm planning on doing just 30-minute easy runs every day for the next week to get myself back in shape real quick (I only took about a week off). So last night I set my alarm for 6:10--something I have done every day for the past four days. And I sleep like a baby all night long, minus the few fits of leg scratching that wake me up in the middle of the night due to the apparent spiders living in my bed. And then the alarm goes off, and I barely hear it--snooze. And the cell phone alarm goes off, and I get up nearly dead and bring it to my bed and hit snooze. And for the next hour I unconsciously hit snooze in my sleep.

Near the 45-minute mark, I start to realize whats going on. I tell myself, Kelsey you must get up. Seize the day! Whats there to keep sleeping about? 6:15 isn't even that early. Why are you being such a drama queen? Just get up it's not a big deal! ...And yet I still sleep. And then 7:15 rolls around, and I think okay, I can do it now. I think I'm ready, but god it feels hot in here. I pick up my phone and click on my weather application: 7:15 AM and it's 100 freaking degrees. I guess I won't be running this morning. 

This is the part of summer where it starts to feel like your trapped. No matter where you go and no matter what time, it's above 95. It seems so endless... and not in a let's surf these epic waves for the rest of our lives, kind of way. It's the part of summer where you realize you still have 2 months more to go (it doesn't cool down until Halloween, seriously).

How am I going to train in this? I'm considering a gym membership. God I wish I had a treadmill. Somebody buy me a treadmill. Thanks.


  1. Totally hear you on that heat. It's ridic!! And i'm too cheap to join a gym. :P

  2. Good luck, girl. I always say if I lived somewhere hot and humid I probably would not be a runner. Period.

  3. Hope you find somewhere cool to run...soon!!

  4. "Why are you being such a dramaqueen46"

    (that was you, right?)

  5. Totally feel ya! I either get up at 5am *shudders* or finally sucked it up and got a gym membership. Bring on the fall!


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