Run: 11 New things that mean serious

When I was a kid, my friend's dad would always turn my simple requests (like can I have some juice?) into a sarcastic joke. He would push my buttons and say, "Kelsey stop kidding around." And I, without fail, would yell out a loud and pouty, "I'm serious!" The next response? "Oh Hi Serious! It's nice to meet you!" This would go on for several minutes, and although I usually started this exchange with a giggle, I'd be almost in tears with frustration by the end. At 7, communicating with adults was hard enough without someone switching my words around. I know he was just trying to tease me, but still!

I've avoided saying the phrase "I'm serious" ever since. But today, I'm giving you a quick running/life update so that you know... I'm serious! I'm serious about running. I'm serious about work. I'm serious about my future. I'm serious about my family and friends. I'm serious about living my life happily, passionately and with drive and discipline.

So here it is, my serious list. Take it as you see fit.

11 New things that prove I'm serious:

1. I put my 5-month, detailed training plan onto a blank calendar, and then taped it onto my door. I also put up a motivational blog post that I read by one of our fellow bloggers. I have posted them on my bedroom door so I am constantly reminded of my goal.

2. I made an appointment with a knee doctor. Enough is enough and I don't want to have to quit training in the middle of all this. Please send your good thoughts, prayers, good vibes, luck, crossed fingers and positive visualizations my way so that the doc doesn't give me any bad news that would interfere with my training schedule. My appointment is Tuesday. 

3. I've started dieting and eating way healthier. Last night, I even passed on the ice cream. What?! I don't even know me any more.

4. On my mirror, I have posted personal affirmations and life goals that I read and believe every day. Cheesy? Yes. Effective? YES.

5. I have decided that maybe "experts" really are experts. And I hear Dave Ramsey has some pretty great budgeting ideas so I'm giving him a shot. Per his recommendation, I put a detailed budget together, on paper, listing every detail of my cash flow down to shampoo and dog food. I'm also going to a seminar next week. I even made little money envelopes and put some cash in there.

6. I signed up for three webinars on marketing/social media/email blasts, and I will continue signing up for them so I can continue to excel at my job.

7. I joined a gym. The heat is no longer an excuse. No siree.

8. I went to a spin class!!! Ive always wanted to go, but I've always been too nervous. I assumed I'd be too out of shape and look like a total idiot. For some reason gym classes always scare me. Well the new, very serious about life, Kelsey gave herself a little pep talk and waltzed right in there. IT WAS AWESOME! I highly recommend it to anyone. I am going to attend every Monday.

9. I talked to my sister and brother-in-law and they are hooking me up with a friend who is going to help me get an IRA account. Is that what it's called? Oh god, I don't even know.. But yay for saving!

10. I got a personal trainer! I am meeting with him once a week and he is going to put me in tip top shape. I met with him yesterday and my legs feel like jelly today. Sore and stiff jelly. Awesome! Yay for Simply Fit AZ!

11. Monday night is official girl's night! Which means i have a consistent day set up to see my buddies and be a good friend. AND it will be oh so much fun. Thursday is Grey's Anatomy night (I know--Nerdy!) which is another name for Sissy and Me night (Why hasn't ABC posted a season premier preview yet????) AND I think we're setting up a Havens family day a couple times or once a month which will be awesome!!! And the weekends, obviously, will be dedicated to the boyfriend. I just love good relationships :)

See????? I'm serious.


  1. So inspirational! First off- i will totally try a spinning class with you! I have always wanted to try one. Second,lets incorporate a healthy dinner with our Grey's nights so we kick off 2 of your goals in one! Third, there is no mention of spending time with your adorable nephew?? Come on, sis!! Love ya!
    ps- where IS the Grey's preview anyway? You can't end with such a bang and then not get us pumped for the next season!! Stupid network television.

  2. Holy wow! Good for you taking action! WTG!

  3. i'm with brandon... what time on mondays is your spin class, and where? i fear it's probably in the evenings, but if per chance it's in the daytime, i'd love to try it.

  4. For the record that was Katie commenting under my profile. The only spinning I participate in involves alcohol. Great seeing you yesterday!


  5. Great post! You are serious indeed...love the steps taken :)

  6. Good for you! A great way of doing things.

  7. You passed up Ice cream!? You really are serious, that was a big one for me too. Motivational reminders are key, I use lipstick to right them on the mirror in my bathroom. Sometimes they are really cheesy, sometimes it's as simple as reminding myself to make my lunch rather than spend money at the sandwich shop. Keep up the good work!

  8. I am so impressed by your dedication to this. I think you've motivated me to get off my butt and work on my apartment!

  9. great list of goals, good luck!!

  10. Great, I was entertained by the post. I learn more things on it. Thanks!!!

  11. The spin class is offered like 3 times a day. I typically go around noon, but this week I am going to try get my butt up for the 5:45AM spin class. You're all welcome to come with me! I have two buddy passes!


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