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Hi friends,
Here's a fun little story about me, and nothing to do with running.
I read through my Runner's World, My Running Times, and my Vogue. I am no longer interested in the Rolling Stone. And I reached for another magazine, and...damn. I realized, that I no longer have the epic magazine collection that I used to. I used to have piles of niche publications that were at least $20 bucks a pop, but I didn't care because every page made my heart beat faster. I would close my door, put on some soft music, curl up in my PJ's and spend hours perusing the glossy, matte and stock pages. For some reason, magazines have always inspired me. More than books, running, movies and all the other things I love... besides possibly writing. Magazines give me goosebumps and focus my mind unlike any other medium.

So you can imagine, how disappointed I am in myself for now only subscribing to Vogue, Runner's World and Running Times. PATHETIC. I mean it. PA-THE-TIC!

So friends, I'd love some recommendations on some killer niche magazines? I like fashion (unique stuff), art, photography, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, fitness and general interest magazines. That's a pretty wide spectrum.

Help a girl out? Magazine suggestions PLEASE!

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  1. My favorite magazine is Body & Soul. I love how it's informative - I've learned more about health and nutrition from this magazine that from all my other reading. They do a great job getting all the facts together and presenting them in a way that is fascinating and helpful.


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