Rest: My 12 Favorite TV Shows... As of Now

TV and resting go hand in hand right? So, great weekend news. I got cable. This weekend, I didn't do much. But I did get cable. So Woot. Woot. It's been a while. I feel like a cable television virgin.
So although most of you probably have had cable for years, maybe you'd like to hear some television reviews from someone who has been deprived for so long. And maybe some of you don't like cable, and I'm on your team too. I'm not a fan of wasting time, so why waste time filling your mind with useless information from the Boob Tube (as my mother calls it).

But the thing is, sometimes, I don't want to think about anything. And sometimes I want to watch a brilliantly cathartic and cheesy drama so I can get in a good cry :) And sometimes, I want to know what kids these days are watching. And I often enjoy the news and commentary shows as well. So, I got cable. Yipee. So here's a few of my favs, in NO specific order, in NO specific season and please ignore the "duh" factor.

1. Jersey Shore: I know, I'm late on this boat. And honestly, I hated it the first like, ten times I watched it. Gah, all that screaming?! But it's grown on me. And I've somehow been convinced that they're actually decent people.

2. Football Sunday: I never thought I'd put this on a list. And sometimes, I really hate football. But Mr. Wonderful and I agree, there's something brilliantly nostalgic and peaceful about the Sunday football tradition. Besides, I always love a reason to day-drink.

3. Grey's Anatomy: God I love this show. I'm obsessed. I know it's over-dramatic. Mr. Wonderful thinks it's a soap. But personally, I think it's well-written (at least last season was) , likable and %100 cathartic. I laugh, I cry (I mean REALLY cry, I'm talking sobbing here) I drool over McDreamy. It's wonderful. Better than therapy.

4. The Biggest Loser: I love Jillian Michaels, and I find most of the contestants to be so inspiring. I can't lose 5 or 10 pounds, I can't imagine 100.

5. Mad Men: Sixties decor, decadent Don Draper, fabulous outfits, copywriting and a killer ad agency. Ummmm? Need I say more? Do you even know me?

6. ANTM: Ya, I'm a sucker. The girls are often complete idiots, and the show goes down hill every season, but I am fascinated how Tyra's team can make otherwise plain or even weird looking girls appear absolutely stunning in photographs. It's one of life's major mysteries.

7. Discovery ID: This is not a show, but rather an entire channel. Why? Because it's all AWESOME. I could watch shows about serial killers and criminals all day. Does that make me screwed up? Maybe... I hate horror films if that's any consolation.

8. Sunny in Philly: Horrible people doing horrible things with Danny DeVito. AH-mazing.

9. Chelsea Handler: I usually hate people named Chelsea. If your name is Chelsea, I'm sorry. It's nothing personal. The name just sounds like Kelsey's evil alter-ego, which clearly offends me. It's an otherwise pretty name, so I'm sorry. But anyways, she's hilarious, witty, makes fun of celebrities, hot and yet not stick thin, and loves the booze. Exactly what I like in a woman :)

10. Modern Family: This show could have been horrible. It could have been trite, over done and sappy. But the director and writers succeeded in making this a hilarious look into how dysfunction has become the new family function.

11. 30 Rock: I want to me Liz Lemon. LEEEEEEEMMMMOOON. That's what I say whenever it comes on. I love absolutely everything about her. I also have awkwardly fallen in love with Eric Baldwin. Erik + Tina = Comedic perfection.
12. Law and Order, SVU: Apparently, I'm secretly a 68-year old single woman, because I'm not sure who else watches this show. But I love it. Guilty pleasure. God forbid I ever get caught in an all-day Law and Order marathon, OBSESSED.

*One last side note, I spend hours this morning catching up on blogging land, and I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks to all of your for blogging all the honest details about your running, and life adventures. Although I feel extremely pouty about the doctor's non-running prescription, after reading your blogs this morning, I feel even more motivated than ever to start racing as soon as I'm back on the pavement. I can't wait!


  1. I tried posting a comment but I don't think it worked earlier. Anyways, I basically said that I LOVE Criminal Minds and cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen. I used to really enjoy The Biggest Loser but sometimes find Jillian to be way over the top with her methods and unnecessarily brutal. But I do really like Bob Harper. He's a cutie.

  2. The only one of those shows I watch is Biggest Loser...I rarely watch tv. I often work evenings, so not enough time.

    BTW, if you do decide to try barefoot running, take is very slowly...sigh...I overdid it and now must back off for a bit. Hurt the ball of my left foot.

  3. I watch a lot more tv in the winter time than in the summer, but I also LOVE greys and private practice...and got somewhat hooked on a summer series called pretty little liars. I have ID channel to and it's amazing! I also <3 the Discovery health channel and We tv. So many shows...so little time:)
    I think herbalife is kind of expensive except the girl I work with gets everything half off and gives it to us at that price...otherwise it would be out for sure:)

  4. love that list. love everything on it except the football. the bf is obsessed but i just cant get into it. oh well

  5. This is a great list of shows! I wish that I had more time to watch TV:) I love Mad Men! I rented the first few seasons on DVD and am officially in love! There is something about that show that just sucks you in.

    I also like Greys and private practice. Another show that I was into was canceled....Samantha Who. Do you remember that show? It only lasted two seasons but it was so darn good!

    I hope that your week goes well, take care!

  6. you pretty much just listed all my favorite shows. please don't tell anyone i watch jersey shore.

    p.s. i didn't get cable until i was in college :)


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