Rest: The weekend good and bad

7 Good Things That Happened This Weekend:
1. Bought a new body scrub that I love.love.love.love. Shiny, flawless skin here I come!
2. Got some face time at a birthday party with my bosses.
3. Decorated house with old farming prints that once hung in an elementary school classroom in the 60's
4. Went to the dog park with my momma and our pups.
5. Got to spend some quality time with Mr. Wonderful
6. Drank poolside with good friends... in SEPTEMBER! Fun times. 

7. I bought a new dining table and my dad drove all the way to my neck of the woods to help me get it home!

5 Bad Things That Happened This Weekend

1. Dad told me not to swear on my blog. Boo Dad.
2. My AC broke on Friday night.
3. I got a tummy ache after aforementioned birthday party
4. There were about 20 hornets in the pool.
5. Mr. Wonderful and I's schedules were hectic this weekend, and we only got one day with each other :(


  1. I love how you did this. ::smiles:: Yeah for more good things than bad! ::hugs::

  2. Haha...love that dad told you not to swear on your blog. Sounds like mostly a good week :)

  3. Face time with boss is always good - I'm on the other side and I add a check mark in my mind to those who want to meet with me and come with problems and solutions and ideas - but mostly I want to see self-starters and motivated, caring people. Don't like flatters, but your bosses may differ.

    Listen to your Father!

    (Welcome to my blog - I know I will enjoy yours)


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