Rate: Joint vitamins and then some

I've always been really intimidated by vitamin, or health, stores. Let's not get confused with healthy grocery stores. I love those. But stores filled with vitamins, supplements and energy drinks-- those scare me. They look like a store out of the future ya know? All those bottles lined up.. like someday we won't need real food at all. We'll just need to take the little red pill and you'll be full for the rest of the day. Or god, even worse, Brave New World came true and now there's millions of little brain pills to choose from-- not just Soma. Or it's a room full of robot food, or poison or... Kelsey focus.

So my personal trainer made a few suggestions for a multi-vitamin, a protein shake and a supplement to help with muscle building and weight loss. "Great," says self, "I have to go into one of those oddly clean, organized and creepy pill shops. GREAT." Well I did it folks, I faced my fears. And there was a very friendly and obnoxiously healthy sales associate there who wanted to hear all about my need for supplements. Somehow I get on the topic of my knees (great, now she knows your weakness. Don't let her get too close), and she tells me about a vitamin that she gives to the horses she trains to keep their joints healthy. I guess these are really competitive, super-jumping horses that need lots of joint love.


And so, she recommends this: The Vitamin Shoppe's Joint Solutions: Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM. She says this stuff performs miracles on joints. The holy water for joint pain. Apparently if I take two pills, twice a day, I'll be pain-free in no time. "If this works I'll be thrilled," I say. She replies, "Get ready to be thrilled."

And so I guess this post isn't really a "Rate" post because I have only been taking these miracle vitamins for one day. Or I guess I am moreso rating the Vitamin Shoppe for having the ability to sell me a drawer full of supplements and vitamins. Shit.. I've gone to the dark side.

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  1. I know quite a few people who swear by the glucosamine and chondroitin. From what I'm told, the chondroitin is the expensive ingredient but you need it at first in order to absorb the glucosamine but after awhile, you can go with just the glucosamine - which is must cheaper.

    I've heard it makes your joints feel really lubricated.

    I tried it once and broke out in hives and haven't tried it again since. When I'm done with my marathon, I might give it another try but at this point, I'm not changing anything. Heh.


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