Run, Rest, Rate: Knee Problems


  1. I wish you lived closer. PT is number one. Hopefully they have someone that can watch you run and help you with your form. (I'm a PTA and we have a guy at our work who does nothing but train athletes for return to sport. Literally, cured my ITband issues and snapping hip just by working on my running form.) Strengthening is super key...your PT should hook you up with the appropriate exs. When is the rock n roll that you wanted to do? It may still be possible if you cross train hard core...good luck with your knee!

  2. I've never had to deal with a serious injury but know there are lots of bloggers who have! Do the PT and take it easy so hopefully you'll be on the right path! You are definitely right, there will always be other races!!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys! Erika, I wish I had your miracle PTA! My race is January 16th. I didn't really consider the possibility of doing the race anyways, but I guess if I have a quick recovery and stay in shape, it's totally possible! Thanks for pick-me-up!


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