Run: Personal Training and Cross Training

So after days of moping, eating and coping with the loss of my training plan. I'm ready to move on. Best case scenario: I cross-train my butt off for the next month, fly through physical therapy and as a result will be able to do a 14-week marathon training schedule, which, being a newby to running, is pretty short. Worst case scenario: I have to do a marathon in February or March instead. No big thang. Either way all is well.

So my new training schedule looks like this:

M,W,F: Spin class at the gym and/or cycling at night with cycling buddies 

T, TH: Running 1-2 miles until there's pain; strength Training and such with Personal Trainer 
Other stuff: yoga, swimming and physical therapy and a strict diet 
Goal: Lose 5-10 pounds, tone up and get in fabulous shape to start training 
Mid October: Start Marathon Training Plan!! Woot! Woot! 

And here's some stuff in my head concerning running:

* There's something so peaceful and wonderful about spending two hours with just me and my thoughts, pounding my feet against the pavement and canal dirt, fighting through the pain and letting my thoughts wonder. I miss it already.

* It's about time for a new shoe. I'm thinking I'm going to go minimalist. I think it will be good for me. Any thoughts?

* I passed out again. I was with my personal trainer and I passed out. Someone explain to me why I pass out on random occasions. I don't think it's often enough to be considered a condition. But it is scary. And it's horrible. Fainting SUCKS. I get nauseous and clammy beforehand, and when I wake up I have no idea where I am and my body feels like it weighs 500 pounds. And it happens at such random situations. I mean always when I'm working out, but never when I'm overly fatigued. It's usually when I combine resistance with cardio, but it also happens at other times. So who knows. Blah. I hate it. Boo.


* I'm sorry that my running blog doesn't only concern running. But to me, a blog should be a personality encompassing platform. That's why we like blogs, right? Because they've got personality. So if I only blogged about running, that would be a completely inacurate portrayal of myself. I would be lying to you. Because, believe it or not, I don't think about running all that much in comparison to the rest of my life. I mean gosh, I hope that's not a mood killer for ya'll but it's only one part of me and... I think I'm rambling. You get the idea. I just think we like blogs because of the people who write them. And I don't like to write only about running.

* I'm really jealous of people that have been running their entire lives. I'm jealous of them for a long list of reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that they're fast. I'm never going to be fast, I just don't have that many miles under my belt. That's fine. It is. But I do love the thrill of competition. It must be such an amazing feeling to win a race. So for those of you that win races, cherish it. For those of you who might be able to win a race some day, cherish it. For people like me, it's all about accomplishment and PR's. Which again, is fine. But it's not the same.


That's all for now. I love running. I love life. I love this blog.



  1. for the passing out- are you eating enough protein? is your blood sugar low? are your knees locked when you are standing or doing any maneuvers? all of these things will make you pass out when you are working out. i hope that helps!

  2. I hope you can figure this passing out thing very soon. ::hugs::

  3. Yikes, that's scary about passing out. I've passed out twice - both times from overheating. It is a scary feeling!!

    Hope you are able to get back to running soon! :)

  4. Curious as to what you are doing when you pass out....are you going from a sitting/laying position to standing quickly? Changing exs quickly. Look up orthostatic hypotension, see if it fits at all.

  5. As for a minimalist shoe, I've recently been running in Newtons and they are giving me terrible knee pain. :( I think I need to go back to my neutral trainer because they seem to work best for me.

    If I were you, I wouldn't spend a lot on a minimalist shoe at first, just in case they don't work for you. If you were to buy some Nike Frees ($60) and they give you pain, you're not going to feel as bad as if you were to buy a pair of Vibrams ($200) and never wear them because they suck.

    Just some food for thought.

    Also, that passing out thing is scary and I don't like hearing that this is happening to you. Be well.


  6. fainting! lady, that is no good. keep us posted on how you're doing!

    if you ever want to try bikram yoga the place i go to offers a trial period of two weeks unlimited for $20... we can go together!

  7. Good luck with the physical therapy. Be careful with pushing yourself too much to train for a marathon, it's a long way to run if something isn't fully healed. A 14-week plan should be okay, don't worry about finishing time just enjoy the race.

    Also, have you had your blood pressure checked lately? I have low blood pressure which sometimes causes me to feel lightheaded, although I have never fainted. Probably a good idea to check with your doctor.

  8. I'm also off the running roster for now...it's only been a week and I'm still finding it a bit hard to get motivated to cross-train. I've had to postpone my first marathon and I've decided to do it in May. Giving myself plenty of time to build back up to it.

    About the fainting...I'd get it checked, but low blood pressure is sometimes the problem (oh I just saw I'm not the only one who mentioned this).

    About the minimalist shoes...I transitioned to the Saucony Type 4A recently and I love it. This may be a good time as you'll have to start very slowly...and transition needs to happen slowly (super important).

    Oh and I'm not sure how old you are, but I'm guessing it's a lot younger than me :) So, that gives you a headstart on running years. I started at 50 :) ...kinda wish I'd started younger too ;)

    Geez I had a lot to say today!

  9. I just bought the Brooks Green Silence and like them so far, but, of course I am a brand new runner and they are brand new shoes so Im not sure how much of a help I am. I did however, read a lot of reviews and a bit a research before I picked them sooo....

  10. Thanks for all your support! I think I am going to wait in the minimalist shoes until my knee pain is fixed, and if I faint again within the next few months, I'll definitely go see a doctor. Blood sugar, blood pressure and lack of protein all seem like plausible causes, so we'll see. Thanks!!!!


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