Rate: The Nook: Evolution or a total sell-out?

Fer me berfday, Mr. Wonderful got me a Nook! Coolest present ever! I was pretty much shaking with excitement. And then I did a dance. I dance when I'm excited. 

The Nook came at perfect timing because my bookshelf has definitely reached full capacity. Like, there are books on top of the bookshelf, there are books on top of the books in the bookshelf, and there are books stuffed in a box on top of the bookshelf. I guess it's time for a new bookshelf.

So here's my predicament. I'm a English major nerd. I love books. I love literature. I love writing. If I had it my way I would do nothing but read and write all day long. Ok... I guess I'd throw a couple runs in there also... but if this was a magical world where I wouldn't get fat, I'd still have calf muscles and I had an endless supply of endorphins, then I may even skip the running. Please don't hate me for saying so.

Anyways, I have now officially converted to an E-book user. Which is great. I mean, I can download books on the fly, it's super light-weight and great for traveling and I can hold it with one hand so I can have a glass of wine in the other. What's not to love? However there's a part of me that feels like a lit major SELL OUT. I have abandoned my love for the written word... sort of. Or at least my love for the smell, feel and look of a real, tangible book. What have I done?! Am I a total sell out? Can you even take me seriously as someone who reads when you see me with that Nook?! Oh the turmoil.

Predicament number two is that my bookshelf is extremely cumbersome. I'm seriously tempted to ditch the shelf and sell all of my books. I mean I've read them all so they're just sitting there taking up space. They're like trophies. And I'm moving soon to a studio and I'll need all the space I can get, not to mention they're heavy. So what do I do? Do I sell the books? Do I abandon my loves?! I don't know if I can do it. I'm so attached. The thought just kills me. But sometimes you just have to rip off that Bandaid, right? Right? WHAT AM I TO DO?!

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  1. I got a Kindle for Christmas & i held out for the longest time - convinced there was nothing like holding an actual book. While this is still true, it is SO awesome to be able to download a new book in seconds after finishing the previous one!


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